#girlspopup is forever

it's official: our online #girlspopup is forever! to celebrate, we've given it a whole new look and stocked it with everything we want you to have for summer.

so, what is the #girlspopup?! well, it started as an actual shop in the back of our party house in LA, and now baby's all grown up and super legit! personally curated by our very own jen gotch, our one-stop shop is packed with an ever-changing inventory of exclusive ban.do collabs, vintage finds, and work from artists and brands that jen's totally obsessed with right now. it's a big high five to girl power and a love letter to our #bandogirlgang (that's you!).

ok, so what's new up in this #girlspopup? let's start with outdoor fun!!! you know, the most fun possible when the sun is out and all you wanna do is go outside and soak up some rays. that means inflaaaaatables in every shape: a pineapple! a pizza! a watermelon! a swan! a rainbow unicorn! your snapchat's gonna be blowin' up, girl! there are a bunch more goodies in the #girlspopup outdoor fun party (um, pink party visor?!), so check. it. out!

remember when we launched apparel in the #girlspopup and everyone went crazy with happiness and straight-up joy? well, brace yourselves for round two. we've launched a new capsule collection of tees and one very soft sweatshirt that are perfect for summer and all year round, and made to have fun in. #havefuninthis, y'all! the fun is coming, and it won't stop! there's a special treat for fans of the bachelor, and you're gonna want to be a member of the hot tub club aaaaand a leisure queen…. or at least get very busy relaxing. 

we've also stocked the #girlspopup with alllll the sunnies a girl could want… like seriously, you're probably going to become one of those people who wears sunglasses inside and we are totally down with that. from pineapples to cat eyes to hearts and more, you might as well make it easy on yourself and grab about 5 pairs!

splish splash! to make all your baywatch dreams come true, you've gotta grab a suit by private party! you can even get our iconic phrase i am very busy on one of 'em. or pizza, or mermaid (which you totally are), or champagne campaign, in which you run for president of our favorite fizzy drink. bring on the head turning!

you didn't think we'd forget about flair, did you?! nah. we've got all the flair a gal could want in the #girlspopup, so you better pick up 37 pieces… or at least a solid handful! and speaking of grabbing all the pretty things, we've got jewelry on lock! and we're not talking about your mother's jewelry, we're talking gold pineapples, a hot sauce ring, a babe necklace, and so much more. get your bling on, girl!

go get all your faves before they're gone… and keep checking back! this #girlspopup is gonna be poppin' up forever!


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Dakota D.
Dakota D.

April 12, 2016

Saw one of your photos on Pinterest and had to see where it came from. It brought me here and I am so glad. Such an inspiring website. Love the layout and the color scheme.

Dakota D.

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