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this spring it’s ALL about making a statement, and what better way to start than with a party on your head. grab some pink hair dye, some of our sparkly hair accessories and get the party started, style. let’s meet the new crew…

oh snap! you TOTALLY forgot that you were riding roller coasters all day at the carnival and now your hair is simply not having it. next time, come prepared with these throwback snap-on clips. they come in two kinds of stripes and colors, so we’ve got you covered.

ever feel like the crevices of your couch and bottom of your purse see more hair ties than your actual ponytails? that’s because those boring colors don’t want to be seen alongside the rest of your cool wardrobe. spice up your rubber band collection with these fantastic elastics in mermaid or neon pink hues. also, our new girl bands will have you hula hooping out of your seat. throw together a pop floral classic pony or a pastel mermaid french twist with these stretchy gems. or even rock them on your wrist!

if you’re looking for something to wear to a girl’s night, a road trip AND shopping at the mall, the everyday bobbis have your back. if you can dream it, these trusty metallic and neon pink bobbis will be there to help secure all of your hair styles, no matter the occasion. plus – they come in the CUTEST package so you won’t lose em!) and does that cute pizza delivery boy have you tongue tied? let your hair do the talking. our new girl talk bobbi pins scream what a fun girl you are.

think you can find a better way to express your cotton candy, mermaid, pop rockin’ self? dream on. these three pins pack the right amount of holographic punch. lisa frank would definitely approve. she would also approve of out new twist scarves! we’ve got colors and patterns that will for sure fit your fancy.

and can we PLEASE talk about headbands for a hot sec? you already know about the girl talk headbands, but we’ve made one especially for all you ladies in the girl gang. rock this awesome rose gold headband and show all your besties that you’re an official member of the girl gang.

so kittens – get your party on with any (or all!) of these hair accessories and go have some FUN! we promise you’ll be the cutest THANG out there!



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