What’s it like to fly across the country and hang with the #bandogirlgang? Kaylyn Weir and Autumn Beury did it, have the confetti in their suitcases to prove it, and are here to tell all.

We fell so hard for the powerhouse duo on Instagram that we invited them to be part of our latest #havefunphotoshoot for a whirlwind three days in LA. After giving our guests a welcome with dinner and snow cone cocktails at Gracias Madre and a big ol’ goodie basket, the girls got some beauty rest at The Line Hotel and arrived at our shoot the next morning with bright eyes and custom-made unicorn and rainbow cookies from Sweet E’s Bake Shop. Kaylyn and Autumn, you had us at unicorns. And rainbows. And cookies. OK, we love you forever!

So how did these two BFFs with matching pink hair meet? Instagram, of course! Kaylyn’s fuschia locks and super cute style caught the attention of one of Autumn’s friends, who insisted that the two Floridians connect. Kaylyn, who originally hails from Mississippi, explains (in her sweet-as-pie Southern drawl), “She told Autumn, ’You should really follow this girl, y’all seem like the same person, y’all would be best friends.’ So, Autumn started following me and reached out, saying that she’d love to take pictures, and it was magic from there.”

Total magic. Kaylyn and Autumn have since collaborated on a bunch of photoshoots together, with Autumn behind the lens and Kaylyn in front. From setting off hot pink smoke bombs, to sneaking onto a mini golf course in a sequined mermaid gown, to stuffing our Super Chill Striped Cooler Bag with Autumn’s daughter Luna’s plush unicorns, the girls create with passion and fearless abandon.

Still, as Kaylyn sat in the makeup chair at Studio 1342 while Kelly Shew worked her own kind of magic, she was feeling giddy. “I have sweaty palms! I really do! I had to drink a mimosa to calm down!”

Cheers, girls! You both killed it.


Kaylyn Weir

Age: 25

IG: @kaylynweir

Website: The Weir House

Hometown: Jackson, MS

Current Locale: Santa Rosa Beach, FL


How would you describe what you do, or aspire to do?

I want to inspire people. I think that’s my purpose in life. My number one goal is just to make people happy and energize them, and come up with stuff that maybe they haven’t thought of. Kind of like a little mini Jen Gotch, even though I’m nowhere on that level. She creates magic. She’s a magician!

I’ve also realized through Instagram that I love staging. Being a set stylist would be cool. I think staging is what fuels me for Instagram so much: I have a product, how do I want to show it off? I find it a challenge! Honestly, it just comes down to giving people a feeling. That’s it. That’s the high for me.


Totally. Who are your main influencers?

You know, I’ve always said Betsey Johnson. I just love her personality, her spunk. I swear I think she’s like 72, but she has the spirit of a teenager. And when you’re around people like that it just gives you energy. Jen was saying that she loves LA because she can play off of people’s energy, and that’s exactly the same for me. Betsey is a constant creator, designing cool products since the 60s. She owns her style and her quirks. I love that. And the tulle skirts help too!


Tulle forever! Tell us about your personal style.

I love bold colors and patterns, and you have to have sequins. Those three things I would die without. My closet is — I can’t even dress for work, because it’s just so crazy. It’s tough to dress for work.


Speaking of work, you work with your husband. Whats that like?

Tyler and I are both in marketing which means we share the same passions and hobbies. I love that about us. It makes our marriage tick. Together, we appreciate good advertising, love to mess around in Photoshop, and play with web design. We even share the same office and just recently decorated it with fun pops of color. He just lets me do my thing. We try to inspire each other, and it’s really fun. He’s a really big rock for me.


What was it like the first time you met Autumn?

Autumn called me, wanting to do a bridal shoot. Here’s the thing about Autumn: she always has that edge about her. She just wants to throw in a punch of something different. Even if it’s a typical wedding on the beach, she finds a way to add light leaks and a really cool vibe in her edits. It makes her work unique. And so she was like, “You have pink hair, you need to be in this!” I remember driving up and she was just so little — I’m talking 5’1” — and, I swear, a hippie child. She was like, “Walk in the water and here’s a smoke bomb.” That was the coldest water I’ve ever walked in. I also got completely eaten by bugs that night. But it was so much fun. I would do it all over again for that chick!


What do you love about Autumn?

Obviously I love that she’s creative because it allows us to bounce ideas off of each other and bring new ones to the table that the other might not have thought of. And we recently learned this about each other on our trip to LA: I’m such a planner, and she can just go with the flow. I’m a list-maker — I mean, with everything — and Autumn’s just like… I think she laughed at my LA itinerary. I like that she can just pick up where she left off, go with the flow, and nothing gets in her way. We are opposites in how we manage life: I’m a night owl, she’s an early riser; I’m obsessively tidy and she sprawls her stuff out, but it makes for an interesting, dynamic duo. It definitely opens our friendship up to new possibilities. I call her the yin to my yang.


How would you describe is bright and colorful. It’s kind of like Lisa Frank’s spirit animal. It’s Polly Pockets and unicorns. I’m a 90s baby, born in 1990. It’s like you’re living the 90s dream again. Who wouldn’t want to go back to the days of Britney Spears, girl power, and Tamagochis!? Ugh, I die!


What was it like to be in the #havefunphotoshoot?

I can’t even begin to explain. It was probably the greatest day of my life. I could’ve taken one picture for Jen Gotch and gone home, and my life would have been complete. The fact that she allowed us to partake in the whole photo shoot and get to know the girl gang was completely humbling. OMG, they are the sweetest! I would say a highlight was meeting such talented people like Max Wanger, Arian Soheili, Kelly Shew, Mishelle Parry, and so many other creatives. Also, holy props! brought so much stuff to use as options for props — pinatas, jewelry, confetti champagne bottles, quirky candy. I kept thinking to myself, “Surely they won’t get around to using ALL of these props!” I swear it looked like a Candy Land set. Oh, and working with the new line of products gave me heart palpitations. You just wait!


What are some favorite highlights of your #bandofieldtrip?

I totally have a favorite highlight from our trip: After the photo shoot, we headed back to the hotel. We were both really quiet, quite possibly from exhaustion. Our brains were so tired that we decided to order Domino’s and have it delivered to the hotel room. We sort of felt guilty that we didn’t go out and find somewhere cool to eat — I mean, hello, we’re in LA! — but, I swear, that pizza tasted like angels made it. We had this moment of silence as we ate our pineapple and cheese pizza, and then a light bulb came on and we simultaneously looked at each other and said, “I can’t even. What just happened!?! We just modeled for!” It was surreal.

Another highlight was being surprised with slices of pink cake from The Line Hotel. That was super cool. Also: the Santa Monica Pier on top of the ferris wheel on a cold day, the meltdown we had in American Apparel ‘cause everything in there was all so good, and taking pictures with strangers at the Pier because they liked our hair.

 Autumn Beury

Age: 27

IG: @hello_miss_lovely

Website: Hello Miss Lovely

Hometown: Panama City Beach, FL

Current Locale: Panama City Beach, FL


Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer. I fell into weddings because I love photographing people and I love people in love — like, that stupid-ridiculous kind of love! I’m a very emotional person and I shoot that way as well. I love how weddings are honest, emotional, and at times vulnerable.

Within that realness, I also like to incorporate my edgy-whimsical style, as well as my clients’ personalities. In order to do that, I always get to know them beforehand and look at their day as a love story from start to finish. And the best part is, every story is different. I love it.

I also shoot a lot of personal work which is a bit more edgy and fashion inspired. I love the indie look — it gets my creativity flowing, along with mega babes and beautiful light!


Love it! Where do you find inspiration for your shoots?

I usually start with a theme or I’ll find a piece of clothing or an item that I love. For my last shoot, I found this lacy dress that I just loved, so I started an inspiration board with that as my base. I love to DIY as well. I made floral crowns for the shoot, along with many other items. And we set off pink smoke bombs. It was magical.


Sooooo magical. Who would you say are your main influencers?

You are going to die. Max Wanger! I discovered him about 8 years ago, and I’ve loved his work ever since. I’m obsessed with negative space. I also love Harper Smith. His images are raw, beautiful, and filled with that indie fashion and vibes that I love.

Then, of course, there’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — my girl crushes since I was 10! They are just iconic. Super fashionable, trendy, and everything about their mature swag is inspiring.


How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say it’s whimsical with edge. I’m an indie girl, a little hippie child. I love fringe, which I call “indie trim.” I love a free spirit type of gal, and a 90s babe.

My hippie indie spirit is from my mama. She’s free-spirited to a T. If you look up “free spirit” in the dictionary, it would just be her picture. She’s always been an inspiration to me. She was a single mom with 3 kids. But she always kept things fun and taught us that it doesn’t matter what people think. You do need to put your clothes on, though.


You have a daughter, Luna. Whats she like?

Luna is my little moon. She’s 4. She loves tutus and is super girly. I’m always like, “You are my child.”


What do you love about Kaylyn?

Kaylyn is girl power and fun, she’s energetic, and just incredibly kind. And by girl power I’m talking like 90s Spice Girls. We’re going to do our nails and watch Spice World when we get home. And possibly Clueless. Kaylyn is so colorful inside and out. But she’s a very genuine person, and so caring. So on top of everything, that just makes it so much better.


What music inspires you?

I’m kind of all over the place with music. I love Sylvan Esso. I edit to them a lot. They’re kind of like indie electro folk. I love the xx. But I also love decades. I love 70s, 80s, and 90s. So sometimes I’ll just throw on a decade playlist. I love Bob Dylan.


What was it like to be a part of the #havefunphotoshoot?

It was such a rad experience! I still can’t believe we got to be a part of it. It seriously was a dream come true to work along such creative, talented, and awesome human beings. I love the fun energy and the friendliness of the incredible girl gang. Meeting similarly minded people and feeding off of each other’s creativity is so thrilling and rewarding at the same time. It might be an addiction.


What are some favorite highlights of your #bandofieldtrip?

Oh man. First of all, Max Wanger shot me and my bestie together! Stop. I can’t handle it. He is just so talented and so kind at the same time. Meeting the gang, working with them, and getting to see all their cute and amazing products was excitement overload. I want it all. Seriously. Sold! I’m so thankful I got to do this with Kaylyn, too. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

wanna see more of their trip? head on over to kaylyn's blog - The Weir House

 ::images via max wanger:: 

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