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super cute apparelsuper cute apparelsuper cute apparelsuper cute apparelsuper cute apparelsuper cute apparelum, where’d you get that shirt?!?! our first-ever apparel collection has officially dropped, and you GOTTA get yours. why? with super cute graphics and the softest feels ever, it’s a total no-brainer. just be prepared to make friends with strangers, because you’re gonna stop ‘em on the street with the coolness. whether it’s the guy in the coffee shop who just has know where to get one, or a bunch of peeps on instagram liking their hearts out, you’re gonna catch a whole lotta heart eyes.

basically, we took our favorite t-shirts and sweatshirts and made them even better. first, the shirts: have you ever felt an alternative apparel sweatshirt or an american apparel 50/50 tee? when we say it feels like you're being hugged by a cloud, we are not exaggerating. hugged. by. a. damn. cloud. and not just any cloud. the big, white, fluffy kind made out of cotton candy and dreams.

so how’d we make ‘em better? with some of our fave artwork and life mottos. the kind that change your entire mood, remind you who you are, and yes, make friends with strangers. wanna know more about each one? OK, let’s break it down for you.

first up, the OG that started it all: I DID MY BEST. when founder + chief creative office, jen gotch, first made her own version with iron-on letters, she asked herself what we’re asking you: did you do your best at the time with the resources you had? yeah? then kiss that whole self-doubt thing goodbye. wear this good little mantra and read it anytime you start to get all up in your head (it’s OK if that means you have to read it a lot). 

FOREVER GIRL GANG was made for you and your whole crew. with a hit of red metallic, it’ll take you from a rainy matinee to dancing all night until the sun comes up. because anything can happen when you’re rolling with your homies (clueless, anyone?).

meet THE TWINS: herbie our happy heart and his twin brother mike. when these boys aren’t napping, binge-watching the walking dead, or contemplating the mysteries of the universe, they’re respectfully covering up your girl parts. who says chivalry is dead? not us.

finally, NICE BRUNCH is an ode to our obsession with happy faces, bacon, eggs, and brunch. what else is there in life, really? don’t answer that question. and it’s got artwork by allie newman, creator of the girl gang secret code and rumored spy.

so once you’ve snagged your fave (or one of each) what you do you do? two words: have. fun. how? here are some ideas: put all your flair on it, cut the sleeves off, rub its softness all over your face, go out, stay in, jump in a pool, hang with your friends, make friends with strangers (that one’s gonna happen anyway). we’re really, really excited to see what you do with and in yours, so take a pic, post it to your social, and tag it #havefuninthis so we can see how great you feel when you put it on.

still want more? um, OK! we see you eyeing the sunnies and fanny packs that our girls are rocking with their sweatshirts and tees. you guys, you can totally get your hands on those, too. the sunnies are by pared eyewear and are next. level. no wait, they’re next-next level. actually, they’re next-next-next… OK. you get it. we take our faces seriously and picked the pairs that every single one of us looked insanely good in when we tried them on. ya heard? every. single. one. the fanny packs are by our girl avenue dee and they’re so life-changing we think it’s crazy that people don’t wear them all the time. that’s gonna change as long as Jen has anything to say about it: she’s currently working them into the future uniforms. more on that later.

oh, and here's the scoop on shirt sizing: the shirts are cut straight and not fitted, so if you want yours to fit a little tighter, size down. still got questions about fit? email us!

don't see the size you want? we got you, girl. fill out the form below and tell us what you're looking for. we’re trying to figure out what the demand is so we can do our best to give our girl gang what it wants! because that’s what BFFs do.

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