LET'S GET PHYSICAL! look, we're into working out. we're also into NOT working out. and we're definitely WAAAYYY into pizza.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here are some things that our version of fitness looks like: hanging out with your friends, paying for a gym membership and only going twice (oops), showing up early to the pilates studio to take an instagram photo then maybe leaving 5 minutes into class, burning enough calories to compensate for the french fries you’re gonna eat later, going to a juice bar to get juice but also to wear cute workout gear… sound familiar?

if you’re IN IT TO WIN IT like we are, you gotta have the gear to back it up! say hello to your next instagram prop: the WORK IT OUT EXERCISE MAT. if you’re gonna collapse onto a soft surface after your fifth attempt at a headstand, it should totally be our super comfy mat. it’s covered in pretty pastels and major motivation that’ll remind you why the heck you stood on your head in the first place. let it help you get up in the air and then hold you like a baby when you come back down.

got major #quadgoals? same! whether that means a ton of power lunges at the gym or a couple of leg lifts while powering through reruns of the OC, you need a cute bag to hold all your essentials. the WORK IT OUT GYM BAG comes with a neon pink nylon interior made for sweaty stuff and side pockets perfect for slipping yourself encouraging notes. we’ve even snuck one in there to get you started. now back to those reruns… errrr, lunges!

and trust us, when you've got your eyes on the prize, you gotta stay hydrated! our WORK IT OUT WATER BOTTLE holds a generous pour of your favorite hydrating beverage and has a sleek black lid that won’t show your lipstick. by the way, do you know how much water is in champagne? asking for a friend...

p.s. don’t be lame, be lamé! the greatest invention of all time (a.k.a. the fanny pack) now comes in the fabric of disco and dreams, thanks to our girl ave dee. in three metallic colors with a coordinating adjustable strap and neon pink lining, it’ll inspire you to get down on the dance floor or at the gym. ever do the hustle on a treadmill? YES WAY lamé!

but seriously, we want to motivate you to take care of your body by embracing whatever gets you through it. whether that's reaching a goal or doing it with your friends or knowing there's a slice of pizza waiting for you or bringing a really cute bag or yoga mat or water bottle to the gym… and if none of that works, don’t sweat it. your bag is still super cute.

and if you REALLY want to go for it (or just keep warm when you're cooling down from yoga) check out these comfy sweatshirts and other workout accessories you're gonna need to look way cute + TCB.

so are you ready to #bandoworkitout? LET'S DO THIS DAMN THING!

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