our new collection is all about being the BOSS, and we believe that the first step to bossdom is feeling like one. that’s why we updated our notebooks + file folders with new patterns and sizes, blinged out our drinkware, and made serious BOSS supplies to help you get it done. looking cute and staying organized just got crossed off your to-do list.

we’re OBSESSED with our rough draft mini notebooks, but you know how sometimes you just want a little more space? meet to our new rough draft LARGE notebook. featuring all the things you loved in a mini (a classic gold spiral,a thick cover and a fun new centerfold) but with so much more room to work through the toughest of writer’s blocks. congratulations are in order - our rough draft notebooks just graduated.

we couldn’t leave our mini notebooks in the cold though - we put a few of our favorite agenda patterns, lady of leisure and i am very busy in ice blue, and jade marble on these classic notebooks so you can update your look. we pulled a couple more complementary patterns for our good ideas notebook sets and file folders too, just to keep you on your toes. Those basic office supplies are gonna be soooooo jealous.

and you know what's cooler than being cool? having the coolest bag in the room - literally. our new insulated lunch bags are the perfect size to stow your sandwich, a water bottle, and TONS of snacks. and how cute would these look COVERED in stickers? you'll look super cool while you keep your lunch even cooler. girl’s gotta eat, but how cute would this look if you took it out at night too?

pastel, neon, holographic, metallic...there's definitely a pencil in our new compliment pencil set that fits whatever style you're currently vibing. each old school beauty is printed with a fresh complement that will boost your confidence by at least 110%. don't worry, these pencils come pre-sharpened so you can start writing down your dreams the second you open the box. more of an ink girl? try our write on pens - with buttery smooth ink and covered in some of our current favorites: lady of leisure and bingo. we've got new patterns for our pencil pouches, too. your new supplies will be right at home.

you are gold, baby. solid gold! and now our iconic thermal mug is too, and it totally looks like a gazillion bucks, right?! We added a bunch more thermal mugs too: love potion (because everyone knows, some potions are HOT!), lady of leisure (because duh, that floral), and i am very busy in ice blue (because HOLOGRAPHIC foil!). If you prefer your drinks chilled, we’ve got new sip sips for you too - in pretty floral or one of our favorite mottos.

the whole boss collection is up now, and it’s pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves. It will totally transform your desk into a dream desk situation, especially if you mix and match items with your agendas and accessories. but you better check it out quick...we have a feeling these are going to go fast.

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