How-To: The Perfect Poolside Bash

hey, poolside princesses! remember that epic pool party we threw last month at the line hotel with the venue report? well, here’s an inside look at the action—plus a rundown on how to throw your own totally epic bash.

first things first, you’re gonna want a pool. the bigger, sparklier, and bluer the better. we suggest one in the middle of paradise. maybe one of those infinity pools? have you seen those!? but really, any pool will do.

now it’s decoration time (aka put-flowers-everywhere time). we enlisted our go-to prop stylist, natalie shriver, to help us decorate and she put real and artificial flowers on the walls around the pool, under some incredibly cute vintage umbrellas, and even in our drinks! yes! drinking rosé is already fun, but drinking rosé with little daisies floating on top—umm, incredible. also, never overlook an opportunity to make a statement. a vintage patio umbrella is already amazing but adding a pineapple topper and taking advantage of the area inside to add flair takes it to the next level. and then there is mylar...MYLAR EVERYTHING. when in doubt, add some iridescent mylar fringe. 

here’s something you didn’t know you needed in your life until now: fruit totem poles. seed floral helped us up the ante with these conversation starters that are actually pretty easy to make. just create a base with plywood and a metal dowel. next, get a ton of fruit and drill a hole in the middle of each piece. stack the pieces on the dowel, and use a staple gun to decorate it with flowers (of course) and palm fronds. fruit is legit. flowers are legit. fruit flower totems are a pure expression of this legitness. 

inflatables…floaties…whatever you call them, this step is beyond crucial. throw hearts, ice cream cones, unicorns—anything you can get your hands on—into the pool. we didn’t even go in the pool at our party, we just marveled at its beauty. oh yeah, and snapped a ton of photos for instagram.

next up?! uh-mazing tunes. let's be REAL for a sec. if you can hire michael antonia of the flashdance to dj...hire michael antonia. straight up. if you can't swing it, you've got to put together a killer playlist. this really sets the mood of the party, so choose those songs carefully! because, you can’t have biebz playing when that new selena would be a way better choice. yup...we just went there. or, you could also play drake the whole time. we’re ok with that.

and the last step is EXTREMELY simple...invite all your friends over and CHILLLLLLL!!!

just a reminder: it’s august. so your time is kind of running out. (is it vacation season yet?) stock up on poolside essentials fast, and throw the coolest, funnest, most outta-this-world pool party yet! labor day weekend might be a great time to do it. we just checked our calendars and we’re free. hint hint. : D

also, a special thank you to everyone who made our party super special: the line hotel, the venue report, michele marie pr, michael antonia, roy choi, seed floral, natalie shriver, stila, kate somerville, emma straub, anese, zero uv, and all of our amazing guests.

*imagery via the super talented braedon flynn + cole moser!

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August 18, 2016

I would just LOVE to know where those coasters are from! They are so so amazing. Bando really knows how to throw a party!!


August 18, 2016

I looooove that “have fun” pool floaty you had custom-made! Are you able to share your source? Would love a custom saying pool float for my pool party. Thanks for this inspiring post!! <3

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