Meet the 2016-2017 Agenda Artists!

we had so much fun on national agenda day! between giving away agenda swag all day on snapchat to an agenda decorating party in the penthouse, we were totally in #planneraddict mode. we used stickers from both of our sticker books and the #girlspopup, gel pens, and TONS of paper tape to make sure every member of the #bandogirlgang had what they needed to make their agendas totally personal! speaking of personal, let's take a minute to get up close with our 2016-2017 agenda artists!
maddy nye (@maddynye) is based in minneapolis, mn, and is a lover of the marvelous, offbeat, and wild. we're 100% sure they love her right back. maddy designs a really adorable stationery collection called yours madly that you should totally check out. and her hair is the most perfect shade of red.

jordan sondler (@jordansondler) lives in new york city, and did we mention she's the nicest gal around? it's totally true. her work spans digital, print and three-dimensional forms, and she has a particular interest in pattern. jordan also has a penchant for german candy, cacti and playing with clay. her clients include nickelodeon, adult swim, nylon magazine, urban outfitters, scout books and a bunch more people who know what's up.

kate roebuck (@kateroebuck) is from chattanooga, tennessee. she lives in a little house with her baby-sidekick, husband and kitty-boo; lady. (she’s a pirate, and also the sidekick to her baby— which makes her, her sidekick’s sidekick). she is passionate about pizza, and by passionate she means she just loves eating it: frozen or fancy, she doesn’t discriminate ;). on any given day you can find her in her studio (with her sidekick) painting and designing pattern, usually while listening to drake because… well duh.

Kailah (@kailahogawa) is from hawai’i, which means she loves to surf, eat mangos and spend time under the sun. she now currently lives in orange county, ca where she continues to surf, eat mangos and spend time under the sun. most of all she loves to explore and create art—working as a graphic designer by day, and filling her free time as an illustrator.

katie turner (@katiecturner) is an artist and illustrator from tulsa, oklahoma. she received a bfa in illustration from parsons school of design and lived in new york for nine years before moving south to nashville, tennessee in 2015. katie’s work has been called whimsical, quirky, and fresh, with a teenage flair. specializing in book and editorial illustration, as well as surface design and patterns, she's illustrated books, magazines, greeting cards, stationery, and more!

sandi falconer (@sandifalconer) is an illustrator & screen printer living in gravenhurst, ontario, canada. she also has a stationery company called tough luck. she likes cold beer, hot coffee, jumping in lakes, bothering her cat, and watching too much tv.

gabriella sanchez (@_gabriella_sanchez) is a multidisciplinary artist based in los angeles. she received her bfa in fine art in 2011. while at university she spent her time making weird art videos and installations. she also took every graphic design course offered because, well....she wanted to make those dolla' bills. after graduating gabriella moved to paris where she worked as an au pair and freelance graphic designer. it was at that time that she was given her first commercial illustration project by the french magazine, le particulier. following her move back to l.a. gabriella landed an in-house designer position at the women's lifestyle brand, during her time there she learned a lot about the hustle and how to properly throw confetti. since then she has established a design and art studio under her own name and was quickly commissioned for illustrations, lettering, and patterns from clients such as nike, the white house, tumblr, nordstrom, tinder, it's on us, giphy and more. oh, and she looooves gif animation. like obsessed.

allie newman lives and works in nashville, tn, where she draws really awesome things. allie created the girl gangsecret code, which means she might also be a spy, but we're not allowed to talk about it. allie swears that diet cokegives her superpowers. if that sounds magical to you, you'd be right. because allie is magical.

leah reena goren (@leahreenagoren) grew up by the california beach and lives and works in brooklyn. she escapes to rockaway or fort tilden every free day in the summer and draws inspiration from plants, the sun, the ocean, and colors and moods that are bright and free. leah graduated from parsons school of design with a bfa in illustration, and her many clients include anthropologie, chronicle books, the land of nod, loeffler randall, penguin random house, and vogue. she likes her work best when it’s loose and fluid and feels like it was made effortlessly. after collaborating with leah on our exclusive girls just wanna have fun pattern, we can say that hanging with her is totally like cruising along the coast, top down, wind in your hair: easy breezy!

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November 27, 2016

These agendas are soooooo cute! CAn’t wait for them!!!!!

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