So Much Newness!

NEWNESS! NEWNESS! NEWNESS! we just filled the store with tons of new arrivals including some stuff we know you’ve been waiting for. this fall is gonna be an absolute breeeeeze.

so you’ve got that agenda and are plotting out your every move—now what? take a step back with the 12-month planner. it’s like a mini-agenda that makes it easy to prep those big-picture goals or travel plans. and speaking of agendas, you know all that awesome artwork? well, we filled our new best year ever wall calendar with it! hang it in your bedroom and just marvel at all the #girlgang realness. 

after organizing everything that’s in your head, you gotta organize those supplies. introducing the get it together folio. it fits an agenda (or 12-month planner!) and pretty much anything else you could possibly need. pockets for cards, pens, sticky notes, notepads—the list goes on. and once you’ve got that all set up, you’re gonna want to drop it in our get it together backpack. this slim, structured bag will stand up straight even when it’s totally empty so you won’t have to worry about your stuff spilling out. score!

ok, we’ve got a confession: it’s getting to the point where we’re changing our phone cases as much as we’re changing our outfits. totally normal, right?! well, with the new confetti bomb and lady of leisure cases, we’re not about to change our habits anytime soon. floating confetti or super sleek leatherette? super sleek leatherette or floating confetti? sigh!

summer’s winding down and we’ve been pretty bummed out. but then we realized what this actually means—a vacation’s in order! you gotta take one too, even if it’s just to hang out with the getaway luggage tag and passport holder. they’re now available in both lady of leisure and bingo patterns.

remember the power bank? it’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s serving up unlimited helpings of hot electric charge. well, we made a black with gold glitter version. yeah. it’s really pretty. also in makeover news: our back me up! mobile chargers. they’re now slimmer and have a removable top that keeps that 8-pin extra safe.

whoa whoa whoa. you thought we’d leaving you hangin’ without some new flair?! of course not! the love potion and chill pills keychains are three-dimensional wonders made of the softest silicone ever. they have a key ring and clip so you can hang ’em wherever you need them most.

whether you’re heading back to school or workin’ it in the office, you’re totally gonna own the rest of 2016. we promise. check out all the fall newness (and more!) online NOW.

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