So many new things to wear!

hey! what’s up? how are ya? we can’t chat for tooooo long, ’cause there’s an outrageous/insane/ridiculous amount of things happening right now. but we gotta fill you in and make sure you’re not missin’ any of this dope stuff! (“dope” is still a cool word, right?!)

clothes. lots of new clothes. have you seen all the new clothes yet?! and the new accessories?! some are designed by us, some are designed by our friends, and some are designed by us in collaboration with our friends. it’s very exciting! 

we made some more tees and sweatshirts using current designs and one new design (pink skies up ahead!). we spent a lot of time on these styles—making sure the fit and quality were juuuust right. the collection features flocked letters, foil letters, and one of our favorite floral prints. yeah, they’re a little more $$ than our previous line, but it’s just ’cause of all the extra tlc they received. and just like last time, we totally want you to #havefuninthis.

question: got something good to say or some feelings that you just can’t keep inside any longer?! you should probably put all of it on a shirt (or two). and wouldn’t ya know it, we just launched some blank apparel and iron-on letters that do the job perfectly. throw a few patches and pins into the mix and you’re golden.

we also released some amazing pieces from our friends. like overalls and a jumpsuit from dusen dusen. and the dreeeeaaaamiest denim from samantha pleet. plus, check out the standouts from family affairs, golden ponies, realm, and karen mabon! lookin’ for a bomber jacket? we’ve got a couple really cute ones that we made with our friends at sticky baby. we’ll be wearing one three days a week and the other four days a week. don’t ask which is which—we’ve already lost sleep over it.

wanna know what our rest-of-2016 resolution (yeah, definitely a thing) is? to never leave the house without a pair of statement earrings on! serioussssly though. at least we made it easy for ourselves. we’ve got earrings with pom poms, earrings with tassels, earrings in cool shapes, and more! all online. now. with some other totally cute accessories

not sure if you put this together while reading, but all of this new stuff means you can now shop head-to-toe looks on! which is huuuuge. it’s like we’re your mom, pickin’ out all your outfits for ya. pretty cool, huh?

aside from all the newness, you may have noticed some changes to good eye. we switched up our navigation so that you’d be able to find what you want more easily. lookin’ for that #girlspopup tab? it’s gone! but don’t worry, ’cause all of that stuff is now minglin’ with the rest of our products. they’re all bffs and it’s beautiful.

ok, that’s probably enough excitement for now. but just realize this is oooonly the beginning. the rest of 2016 is shaping up to be just as (if not more!) in-cred-i-ble. and we want you to be there for every second of it! so strap on your boots, hang on to your hats, yada yada yada, and enjoy the ride!



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November 16, 2016

LOVING all the new merch LADIES!!!!


October 13, 2016

OMG the black patterened pants are a jumpsuit!

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