wait, you guys did what?!

whoa. we just looked at our calendar and noticed it’s almost october (whaaaat?!). which means 2017 is super close (huhhhh???). anyway, the last few months have been a whirlwind at ban.do. we partied, we went to miami, we opened our new agendas, and lots and lots more. don’t mind us while we do a teensy bit of reminiscing…

ok, we’re startin’ with ban.do poolside. it was the first-ever major party we threw, and it was totally and completely epic! there was great music, great food, great company, and a giant pool of inflatables. we definitely couldn’t have done it without the line hotel and the venue report, so shout out to them! and, yeah, we’re already workin’ on new party ideas—maybe a giant hot tub party? is that a thing?

soon after, some of us we were welcomed to miami (without will smith unfortunately) and got ready for the cabana show. we hotel hopped, hung out by some VERY fancy pools, checked out wynwood walls, went to a few miami swim runway shows, and found all those really cute painted lifeguard stands! 

august 1st marked national ban.do agenda day. yay! we had a super cool party in the penthouse that included tons of stickers, tape, pens, and donuts (thanks california donuts!). we found out a lot about each other—like who’s a sticker minimalist and who’s a sticker maximalist (obvs. important stuff). we also had a lot of fun seeing how you guys were deckin’ out your agendas! definitely impressed by all the #planneraddicts out there.

then a few days later, on august 4th, ban.do turned eight. eight! can you believe it?! so naturally we celebrated the best way we know how—with a trip to disneyland! we made our own shirts, hopped on a party bus, and were off! don’t ask how, but we somehow managed to keep a group of 23 together for most of the day. after a little space mountain, a little tower of terror, several churros, and a few dole whips, we were (very happily) exhausted.

guys. no, seriously, you guys. can we be real for a minute? it seems like just yesterday there were only a handful of us. now it’s like someone new joins the team every single day. ok, slight exaggeration, but ban.do is growing like maaaad. it’s really amazing. and wouldn’t ya know it? we’re still hiring tonssss! so check out our careers page stat!

whew! we’re ready for a nap. the past few months have been amazing, butttttt the future has a lot of great things in store too! now we don’t like spoiling surprises or anything, but it might involve one or more of these: some very special bags, lots of fun, head-to-toe apparel, and the world’s cutest kittens. any guesses? :)

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