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Standard Baggu - Joonbug Group Skate





Q: What is super lightweight, can hold 50 lbs., and has the perfect skate print? A: This bag from Baggu! Seriously, it can hold fifty pounds. That’s like two and a half watermelons. (FYI: We looked that up. We didn’t know a watermelon’s weight offhand.)

Limited-edition offerings include BAGGU's special collaboration with Jamaican-born, Oakland-based artist, Joonbug. Drawing inspiration from ’60s and ’70s skate culture, Solo Skate and Group Skate prints supplement the inline offering in soothing jewel tones

The details-
  • 25.5 in. × 15.5 in. × 6 in.
  • 100% ripstop nylon (40% recycled)
  • Machine wash cold, line dry
  • Can hold up to 50 lbs.
ITEM SKU: GP-324038