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Sk8-Hi 138 Decon VR3 SF - Groovy Floral




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    The Sk8-Hi 138 Decon VR3 SF combines our iconic high top shoe with the Vans Surf SF build to create an upgraded, comfortable lace-up style. Featuring deconstructed uppers made from 50% organic cotton canvas, the Groovy Floral Sk8-Hi 138 Decon VR3 SF fuses modern and vintage detailing for a twist on our iconic sidestripe style. This simplified high top also includes the new EcoCush™ footbed and EcoWaffle™ outsole.

    The details-
    • Women's sizing
    • Made with 50% organic cotton canvas featuring an allover retro floral print.
    • The new EcoCush™ footbed is made using at least 25% biobased EVA foam partially derived from plant-based sources per the ASTM D6866-16 testing standard.
    • The new EcoWaffle™ outsole uses an all new rubber compound made with responsibly sourced natural rubber instead of petroleum derived synthetic rubber. This new rubber compound was developed and engineered to maintain the grip and durability Vans has been known for since ’66.
    • Vans supports the ongoing development of skate communities as they construct and donate state-of-the-art, VPS-certified park terrain skate facilities throughout the globe so people of all ages and backgrounds have a place to skate.
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