the greenie facial roller

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enrich your morning and evening rituals with this natural jade facial roller from skin gym. with a large and small stone on either end, it’ll improve blood circulation and skin tone, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen to increase skin firmness. yeah, we might be (read: we totally are) using it right now.

the details-
  • natural jade roller has a large and small stone that you simply roll over your face in an outwards direction
  • stimulates collagen when passed over acupressure points, increasing skin firmness and reducing small wrinkles and expression lines
  • improves blood circulation and skin tone
  • reduces puffiness and wrinkles
  • reduces dark under-eye circles
  • tightens pores, since the crystal remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin
  • can be refrigerated to extend the coolness
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