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May 02, 2016

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The Agenda Class of 2016-2017

are you ready for your whole life to change? yeah, you totally are. the new agendas are here and they're better than ever! whether you're a full on #planneraddict or someone who's just got big plans, trust us when we say you've gotta have one. just see how hyped the #bandogirlgang just got thinking about agendas in this super legit video we filmed in our new penthouse!

ready to meet the new agenda? it's your all-in-one personal assistant, BFF, #1 fan, wing woman, game changer & keeper of dreams. and it's better than ever: more stickers, more notes pages, laminated tabs, a new size, a pocket, secret code, a coloring page, tons of art inside and out, and so much more! we’ve got 5 styles that are totally exclusive to our website, so scoop those up before they disappear!

and don’t forget about the agenda accessories!  we've done all the work for you to kick your agenda lifestyle into high gear with our agenda starter packs! spiral clips and a reusable snap-in to-do list for all your important things, a neon pink gel pen and paper clips, holographic paper tape, and of course, stickerssssss! all wrapped up in one rosy pouch. need more? pick up a brand new sticker book featuring holographic letter stickers and artwork from some of our favorite #bandogirlgang members, then grab a sticky note set that’s STRAIGHT.UP.MAGIC! oh, and we’re dropping the cutest paper tape and gel pens (oh gellll yeah!) for writing down all your hopes and dreams, too.

and we know a true #planneraddict (or really, anyone that loves cute stuff!) can never have enough agenda accessories, so we stocked the #girlspopup with even more stationery goodness! We’re talking more paper tape, more pens and pencils, desk accessories, PINS and OMG, so many stickers!!!

our 2015-2016 agendas sold out months ago, so make sure you get the one you want before they disappear forever! happy planning! and psst! tag #omgbandoagenda on social and show us how you jam on your planner!
April 15, 2016




last month, three of us (christina, kelly, and cate, to be exact) headed to austin for a whirlwind weekend at SXSW! if you follow us on instagram and snapchat (snapbando, y'all!) you came along for the ride! but if you didn't, no stress. we put together a little video for your viewing pleasure, and we're sharing some of our favorite highlights with ya, below!

the school of self expression

we collaborated with our besties at valley cruise press to make the official pin for the school of self expression (which you can snag in our #girlspopup), an interactive and multidimensional classroom created by our genius friends at refinery29… along with other perfect study swag! we interviewed r29 creative director piera gelardi on our snapchat (snapbando!), and she took over our instagram for a day with really pretty pictures. plus, we co-hosted a big giveaway on social because we're givers!

popsugar's empowerment with kirby johnson

our looking good makeup bags were front and center at our girl kirby johnson's event in the girls' lounge, which we loved! kirby shared her tips for living in a world of selfies. the first step? take off those filters!


so many great influencers like glossier's emily weiss and's amber venz box talked about style at SXSW and just for showing up they all got their own work it out gym bag and water bottle!

other highlights? so many!

  • the parties! from mashable to vimeo to funny or die x s'well to nylon x clinique, we danced until we dropped.
  • saying hi to our girl jenny slate!
  • hunting down the best queso in town. el yum.
  • coooool sightings like the mirrored room at fast company, the mr. robot ferris wheel, virtual reality, and innovation everywhere...
  • ...and pretty sightings at the girls' lounge, the kendra scott house, and pretty neon lights everywhere!
  • the shops on south congress: alan’s boots, lucy in disguise with diamonds, and sooooo many great eateries!
  • speaking of eating: donuts at gourdough's and donuts at voodoo and cupcakes at hey cupcake! and the ice cream sammies at the coolhaus truck… droooool!
  • oh! also food trucks! we could've stopped by every single one.
  • the kit & ace girls are the cutest, their matt crump installation was dreamy, and we loved the "don't be basic" sign they made!
  • listening to the birds at the hotel san jose! you guys, we had no idea the birds in austin are so chatty. we felt like we were in a jungle!
  • making tons of new besties… and running into besties from LA and making plans to hang out once we got back!
  • spotting jake gyllenhaal and trying to figure out how tall he really is. (our guess? shorter than he claims to be!)
  • enjoying a beer and chocolate chip cookie after a long day of networking in our hotel room at the hotel san jose. the chill house spotify channel had the perfect tunes for putting our feet up!
  • the energy of everything happening!
  • photobooths! especially our friends vannagram & co. it's a photobooth in a van!
  • oh, and all our uber drivers were austin locals and so fun. so many conversations happened while en route to having other conversations!

thanks for keeping it weird, austin! we'll totally be back.

xo, the #bandogirlgang

April 05, 2016

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#girlspopup is forever

it's official: our online #girlspopup is forever! to celebrate, we've given it a whole new look and stocked it with everything we want you to have for summer.

so, what is the #girlspopup?! well, it started as an actual shop in the back of our party house in LA, and now baby's all grown up and super legit! personally curated by our very own jen gotch, our one-stop shop is packed with an ever-changing inventory of exclusive collabs, vintage finds, and work from artists and brands that jen's totally obsessed with right now. it's a big high five to girl power and a love letter to our #bandogirlgang (that's you!).

ok, so what's new up in this #girlspopup? let's start with outdoor fun!!! you know, the most fun possible when the sun is out and all you wanna do is go outside and soak up some rays. that means inflaaaaatables in every shape: a pineapple! a pizza! a watermelon! a swan! a rainbow unicorn! your snapchat's gonna be blowin' up, girl! there are a bunch more goodies in the #girlspopup outdoor fun party (um, pink party visor?!), so check. it. out!

remember when we launched apparel in the #girlspopup and everyone went crazy with happiness and straight-up joy? well, brace yourselves for round two. we've launched a new capsule collection of tees and one very soft sweatshirt that are perfect for summer and all year round, and made to have fun in. #havefuninthis, y'all! the fun is coming, and it won't stop! there's a special treat for fans of the bachelor, and you're gonna want to be a member of the hot tub club aaaaand a leisure queen…. or at least get very busy relaxing. 

we've also stocked the #girlspopup with alllll the sunnies a girl could want… like seriously, you're probably going to become one of those people who wears sunglasses inside and we are totally down with that. from pineapples to cat eyes to hearts and more, you might as well make it easy on yourself and grab about 5 pairs!

splish splash! to make all your baywatch dreams come true, you've gotta grab a suit by private party! you can even get our iconic phrase i am very busy on one of 'em. or pizza, or mermaid (which you totally are), or champagne campaign, in which you run for president of our favorite fizzy drink. bring on the head turning!

you didn't think we'd forget about flair, did you?! nah. we've got all the flair a gal could want in the #girlspopup, so you better pick up 37 pieces… or at least a solid handful! and speaking of grabbing all the pretty things, we've got jewelry on lock! and we're not talking about your mother's jewelry, we're talking gold pineapples, a hot sauce ring, a babe necklace, and so much more. get your bling on, girl!

go get all your faves before they're gone… and keep checking back! this #girlspopup is gonna be poppin' up forever!


March 31, 2016


2016's got nothing on us


2016 has been a really, really big year for us… and we're just getting started. check out some of the highlights!

we set some major quad goals at the top of the year, and everyone from kaley cuoco to nina dobrev is getting in on the action!

when it comes to love potion, we don't skimp! we took it in large doses on valentine's day, and we plan to drink up all year long… because love, you guys.

step aside, gosling! herbie our happy heart hit the market and has quickly become america's #1 heartthrob. (it helps that he's a heart.)

we said goodbye to the party house and moved on up to the penthouse of our dreams. don't worry: we took all our disco balls – and our roller skates – with us! (p.s. get our keychain in the #girlspopup!

outdoor fun is here and it's blowin' up! our latest line is all about being your ultimate version of fun… and it's all kinds of social media gold. so many good things happened and we're not even halfway through the year! 2016 is going to be the best year ever!



March 15, 2016


Follow the Leisure

follow the leisure! you guys, outdoor fun is here like warm sunshine on a perfect spring day! other than basically being the spirit animal of, outdoor fun is: cruising down the coast with the top down, lounging by the pool while some hunk brings you french fries, snapchatting your epic pool party, sunshine and spring break and summer and frolicking and drinking and kicking back and pool parties and beach days and… the list is literally endless. whatever your ultimate dream vacation looks like, we’re here to make it even better! and sooooo instagrammable.

so what's our outdoor fun lineup?! let's start with inflatables! sure, taylor swift has an impressive collection of inflatable swans, but does she have an inflatable heart? no, but we’re 99.9% sure she will once she reads this. so go ahead, lie there and float on our beach, please! jumbo heart inner tube like the queen of hearts that you are and watch your pool party get next level.

you also gotta hang with the cutest little airhead at the pool: our beach, please! jumbo heart floaty, also known as summertime herbie! bring herbie with you to the pool or beach and get ready to strike a billion poses together. he also makes the perfect snapchat face swap partner. ya feel us?! 

(p.s. want even more inflatables like t. swift's swan, a slice of pizza, or a giant rainbow unicorn?! the #girlspopup is a candy store of inflatable dreams. check it out!)

what else do you need to bring with you? our beach, please! giant beach towel! if you’re reading this (which um, you are), you're officially banned from taking your shower towel to the beach ever again. just imagine the photographic possibilities alone: you, stretched out on one of these insanely fun beauties, piña colada in hand, looking cool as hell. you’re welcome.

ok, brace yourselves: our super chill cooler bag in watermelon that became a national obsession now comes in two more totally iconic and vintage-inspired shapes: rainbow and happy face! we even added a little gold smiley face zipper pull for the sake of being extra awesome. (pro tip: our cooler bag not only keeps your drinks cool, it also doubles as an insanely cute purse.) we also made the cutest just chill out cooler bag in the most perfect shade of pink! it's super roomy, it comes with a pocket on the outside for straws and drink sleeves, and it’s funny as hell. what more do you need?

oh! you need one of our too cold to hold drink sleeves! slip on one of these retro-inspired sleeves with new fun phrases and have the cutest drink on the pool deck!

you guys, there's so much more (new sip sips, getaway duffles, carryall duos, oh my!), so you just gotta shop the whole lineup and see for yourself. k, we're gonna go float down the lazy river… see ya there!

January 12, 2016




LET'S GET PHYSICAL! look, we're into working out. we're also into NOT working out. and we're definitely WAAAYYY into pizza.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here are some things that our version of fitness looks like: hanging out with your friends, paying for a gym membership and only going twice (oops), showing up early to the pilates studio to take an instagram photo then maybe leaving 5 minutes into class, burning enough calories to compensate for the french fries you’re gonna eat later, going to a juice bar to get juice but also to wear cute workout gear… sound familiar?

if you’re IN IT TO WIN IT like we are, you gotta have the gear to back it up! say hello to your next instagram prop: the WORK IT OUT EXERCISE MAT. if you’re gonna collapse onto a soft surface after your fifth attempt at a headstand, it should totally be our super comfy mat. it’s covered in pretty pastels and major motivation that’ll remind you why the heck you stood on your head in the first place. let it help you get up in the air and then hold you like a baby when you come back down.

got major #quadgoals? same! whether that means a ton of power lunges at the gym or a couple of leg lifts while powering through reruns of the OC, you need a cute bag to hold all your essentials. the WORK IT OUT GYM BAG comes with a neon pink nylon interior made for sweaty stuff and side pockets perfect for slipping yourself encouraging notes. we’ve even snuck one in there to get you started. now back to those reruns… errrr, lunges!

and trust us, when you've got your eyes on the prize, you gotta stay hydrated! our WORK IT OUT WATER BOTTLE holds a generous pour of your favorite hydrating beverage and has a sleek black lid that won’t show your lipstick. by the way, do you know how much water is in champagne? asking for a friend...

p.s. don’t be lame, be lamé! the greatest invention of all time (a.k.a. the fanny pack) now comes in the fabric of disco and dreams, thanks to our girl ave dee. in three metallic colors with a coordinating adjustable strap and neon pink lining, it’ll inspire you to get down on the dance floor or at the gym. ever do the hustle on a treadmill? YES WAY lamé!

but seriously, we want to motivate you to take care of your body by embracing whatever gets you through it. whether that's reaching a goal or doing it with your friends or knowing there's a slice of pizza waiting for you or bringing a really cute bag or yoga mat or water bottle to the gym… and if none of that works, don’t sweat it. your bag is still super cute.

and if you REALLY want to go for it (or just keep warm when you're cooling down from yoga) check out these comfy sweatshirts and other workout accessories you're gonna need to look way cute + TCB.

so are you ready to #bandoworkitout? LET'S DO THIS DAMN THING!

December 29, 2015

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omg, what a year! we’ve got so many reasons to celebrate when the ball drops, and at the top of our list? y-o-u! thanks for being the best. seriously. you’ve helped us grow more than ever, and we can’t wait to share with you what’s on its way in 2016. until then, here are some things we’re currently obsessed with (other than you, of course)!

um, where’d you get that shirt?!?! our first-ever apparel collection officially dropped this year, and we're just like jumping in the air with the excitement of it all. with super cute graphics and the softest feels ever, our capsule collection of tees and sweatshirts are a total no-brainer and made to have fun in. check out the #havefuninthis hashtag on Instagram and see what all the hype is about... and then get yours!


flair is having a major moment right now. like, huge. our very own Jen Gotch calls flair the new kittens of instagram, and you know what? she’s totally right! but these eye-catchers aren’t just social media gold, they’re also a perfect way to express yourself… and support your favorite artists! you could say we’re having a love affair with flair.



December 11, 2015


FUN-O-RAMA DAY 8: the dreamiest getaway of all time!


BRING ON THE WANDERLUST! remember when we told you we wanna make your wildest dreams come true? WE WEREN’T JOKING. we’re sending you and a friend on THE DREAMIEST GETAWAY OF ALL TIME! you’ll be soaking up sun and surf and so much more in NICARAGUA for 9 days with @elcaminotravel and traveling with alllll the supplies your jetsetting heart could possibly want! the whole shebang is worth over $6500 and that’s not a joke… it’s the last day of the #bandofunorama and we’re going out BIG! IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE?!?! 

now for the prizes!!! you’ll get a $100 gift card from aerie, a 12 days of charms gift set from baublebar, 2 pairs of frends x people mag headphones (for you and your travel bestie) and a 12-month subscription to people mag, a pink rolling suitcase from flight 001, 8 chocolate bars from compartes, the sprinkle carry on cocktail kit from gray malin, a few pairs of stance socks, 23 cubes of gummy candy from sugarfina, 1 eye mask from catbird! 1 shemergency kit from pinch provisions, 3 bottles from s’well (9oz, 17oz, and 25oz), all the baggu bags you’ll ever need, a ton of to travel like a pro… aaaaand a trip for two to Nicaragua with El Camino travel, including up to $500/person in airfare!

how to enter:

  1. head to IG and repost our first image from today!
  2. follow all brands in today’s giveaway on IG/FB  @shopbando @elcaminotravel @aerie @baublebar @okbaggu @frends @peoplemag @graymalin @wandpdesign @Flight001 @Sugarfina @pinchprovisions @swellbottle @compartes @stancesocks @catbirdnyc
  3. sign up for the email list by entering your email and social handle here!

thanks for playing: friday december 11th at 6pm PST. winner will be contacted within 24 hours and announced on this blog post!

because we're all winners: you’ll get a FREE pinch provisions minimergency kit (WHAAAT?!) with any order on! valued at $16 + packed with 17 essentials every girl needs in a pinch = total score! supplies limited!



December 10, 2015


FUN-O-RAMA DAY 7: the jaw-dropping beauty splurge!

OMG! it's the jaw-dropping beauty splurge!

TREAT. YO. SELF!!! DAY 7 of the #BANDOFUNORAMA is all about looking and feeling goooood! move over, Kim K. when you score THE JAW-DROPPING BEAUTY SPLURGE, you’re gonna wake up feeling better than North and Saint’s baby mama after hours of getting primped by her entourage. our haul of products is worth nearly $1,500 and will have you strutting down the sidewalk like you own the damn thing! yas queen, YAAAAAS!

you will get a 12-month subscription to Birchbox! a Peace on Earth Good Hair to All Kit and Texas Tease Kit from DryBar! 11 sets of Flash Tattoos! 4 nail decal sets from Sara M. Lyons! 4 pocket mirrors from The Social Type! 1 bottle of aromatic stress treatment from Tata Harper! 1 copy of Rubi Jones’s hair book! 6 skincare products from Kate Somerville! 4 candles from Catbird! zip bags from Baggu! pink hair dye from Manic Panic! rosewater spray from Mario Badescu… and all the you need to look and feel oh so good!

how to enter:  

  1. tell us your secret to looking good + feeling good in the comment section of our first instagram post from today!
  2. follow all of the brands in today’s giveaway on instagram: @shopbando @birchbox @thedrybar @flashtattoos @thesocialtype @tataharper @rubi_jones @katesomervilleskincare @catbirdnyc @okbaggu @saramlyons

thanks for playing: contest closes thursday december 10th at 6pm PST. winner will be contacted within 24 hours and announced on our blog! for full sweepstakes rules, head to

because we're all winners: place an order on and get a FREE social type mirror! but hurry, while supplies last!

good luck!

-the girl gang!

December 09, 2015


FUN-O-RAMA DAY 6: the ultimate bonanza!

OMG! it's the ultimate bonanza!

ban.dOH NO WE DI’INT! ohhhhh YES WE DID! DAY 6 of the #BANDOFUNORAMA is THE ULTIMATE BAN.DO BONANZA and that means we’re giving one lucky winner EVERY SINGLE piece from our current fall 2015 line and upcoming spring 2016 line! that’s literally everything but the kitchen sink, y’all (our sink has dishes in it. we don't want to give you those)! and it’s worth over $3500! yup, including our SOLD OUT agendas (we kept a secret stash for this very moment because we’re PLANNERS HAHA) and stuff that hasn’t even been released yet (psst: can you spot the easter egg?)!!!

how to enter: like @shopbando on facebook and comment on our fun-o-rama facebook post from today with your absolute favorite of all time! REMEMBER: ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, MUST BE 18+ OF AGE, AND MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT. FOR FULL SWEEPSTAKES RULES, HEAD TO BANDO.COM.

thanks for playing: contest closes wednesday december 9th at 6pm PST. winner will be contacted within 24 hours and announced on our blog!

because we're all winners: you’ll get a mystery pack when you place an order on! but hurry, while supplies last!

good luck!!!

-the girl gang 

UPDATE - WINNER: charlee-ann m.

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