loves LA – The Flower Market

if pretty flowers are your thang, you gotta check out the flower market in downtown los angeles. not only does it smell incredible, the flowers are super cheap and crazy fresh. you’ll find flowers there that you didn’t even know existed! here are a few tips to help you navigate your way around. 1) go early. the early bird gets the worm. and in this case…the prettiest flowers. 2) parking…it will most likely suck if you don’t know what you’re doing. we recommend parking at moskatels: they validate with purchase, and you should probably buy something there anyway cuz it’s really cool. 3) don’t buy the first bouquet of peonies that you find (as tempting as it may be)…shop around a bit to find the cheapest vendor. trust us on this one. 4) check out the rainbow roses – they will BLOW your mind.

public admission:
$2 weekdays, $1 saturday

mon & wed: 8am -12 pm
tue & thurs: 6am – 11am
fri: 8am – 2pm
sat: 6am – 2pm
sun: closed

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