last month, three of us (christina, kelly, and cate, to be exact) headed to austin for a whirlwind weekend at SXSW! if you follow us on instagram and snapchat (snapbando, y'all!) you came along for the ride! but if you didn't, no stress. we put together a little video for your viewing pleasure, and we're sharing some of our favorite highlights with ya, below!

the school of self expression

we collaborated with our besties at valley cruise press to make the official pin for the school of self expression (which you can snag in our #girlspopup), an interactive and multidimensional classroom created by our genius friends at refinery29… along with other perfect study swag! we interviewed r29 creative director piera gelardi on our snapchat (snapbando!), and she took over our instagram for a day with really pretty pictures. plus, we co-hosted a big giveaway on social because we're givers!

popsugar's empowerment with kirby johnson

our looking good makeup bags were front and center at our girl kirby johnson's event in the girls' lounge, which we loved! kirby shared her tips for living in a world of selfies. the first step? take off those filters!


so many great influencers like glossier's emily weiss and's amber venz box talked about style at SXSW and just for showing up they all got their own work it out gym bag and water bottle!

other highlights? so many!

  • the parties! from mashable to vimeo to funny or die x s'well to nylon x clinique, we danced until we dropped.
  • saying hi to our girl jenny slate!
  • hunting down the best queso in town. el yum.
  • coooool sightings like the mirrored room at fast company, the mr. robot ferris wheel, virtual reality, and innovation everywhere...
  • ...and pretty sightings at the girls' lounge, the kendra scott house, and pretty neon lights everywhere!
  • the shops on south congress: alan’s boots, lucy in disguise with diamonds, and sooooo many great eateries!
  • speaking of eating: donuts at gourdough's and donuts at voodoo and cupcakes at hey cupcake! and the ice cream sammies at the coolhaus truck… droooool!
  • oh! also food trucks! we could've stopped by every single one.
  • the kit & ace girls are the cutest, their matt crump installation was dreamy, and we loved the "don't be basic" sign they made!
  • listening to the birds at the hotel san jose! you guys, we had no idea the birds in austin are so chatty. we felt like we were in a jungle!
  • making tons of new besties… and running into besties from LA and making plans to hang out once we got back!
  • spotting jake gyllenhaal and trying to figure out how tall he really is. (our guess? shorter than he claims to be!)
  • enjoying a beer and chocolate chip cookie after a long day of networking in our hotel room at the hotel san jose. the chill house spotify channel had the perfect tunes for putting our feet up!
  • the energy of everything happening!
  • photobooths! especially our friends vannagram & co. it's a photobooth in a van!
  • oh, and all our uber drivers were austin locals and so fun. so many conversations happened while en route to having other conversations!

thanks for keeping it weird, austin! we'll totally be back.

xo, the #bandogirlgang

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