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Creative Contributors
Creative Contributors
Several of our products wouldn’t be possible without our amazingly talented community of creative contributors. Read about them below, and click each one to see what they’ve worked on.
Wellness Expert | California
Annie is a floral designer from sunny California. She loves the ocean, unwinding with friends, and hiking. Fun fact: She used to be a competitive gymnast and traveling aerialist.
Artist | Los Angeles
Also known as Gentle Thrills, Isa Beniston is an artist living, teaching, working, and generally crushing it in los angeles. With a focus on wearable drawings and happy stationery, she’s made custom airbrushed outfits for Post Malone and tea towels for Maria Bamford. Basically what we’re saying is Isa's the current frontrunner for coolest person in the world.
Artist | The UK
She’s all that. And by “she” we mean Elena Boils, of course! You can always recognize Elena’s work by the bright, fun colors and the super cool way she layers two-dimensional shapes with three-dimensional spaces. We could stare at her art for hours (and sometimes we do).
Artist | Los Angeles
Danica is a textile artist and fabric painter from California. To cope with Los Angeles traffic, she likes to listen to classical music. Her other interests include eating ice cream and laughing with her best friends.
Wellness Expert | North Carolina
Monet is an introvert who was born in North Carolina and raised in Germany. She’s all about thought-invoking conversation, making her husband laugh with her rapping skills, and writing down three positive things at the end of each day.
Artist | Brooklyn
Marleigh Culver lives by beautiful colors and organic shapes. She’s inspired by clementine peels, leaves, and sweet memories and loves designing for cool brands headed by women with a focus on making life prettier. We love you right back, Marleigh!
Artist | Argentina
Florencia Pereira Da Luz is our kind of girl. She really likes cats, botany, television, and pastels. same, florencia! But what she loves most is designing and experimenting with different marbling techniques. And just between us, she’s really good at it.
Artist | New York
Nobody does florals quite like Helen Dealtry! And you bet we’ve tried. Helen has been designing textiles and patterns for worldwide fashion and interior markets for over 15 years. If you aren’t familiar with her ridiculously pretty watercolor florals yet, you should probably fix that ASAP.
Artist | Los Angeles
We’re crushin’ hard on Stephanie Deangelis. An expert observer, Stephanie draws inspiration from real girls she sees on Instagram and IRL. And as a result, her illustrations are seriously relatable. (also, we might be a little obsessed with her dog, Remy.)
Artist | The UK
Lucy Dickson wants you to feel good. Inspired by nature, animals, and human behavior, her goal is to create art that makes people smile and feel more confident. If she wasn’t an artist, Lucy says she’d want a job where she gets to help people. We’re not sure she isn’t an undercover angel.
Artist | Los Angeles
Are fans of Tallulah Fontaine called "Fantaines"? If so, we’re president of the Fantaine Club. Tallulah’s soft watercolors and sweet illustrations have a striking simplicity that’ll keep you wanting more. Just watch, you’ll be joining the club in no time.
Artist | Brooklyn
Can Leah Goren design our life? Because she already designs all of our dreams! Leah’s an illustrator and surface pattern designer who gets inspired by plants, the sun, the ocean, and colors and moods that are bright and free. We don’t wanna make her blush or anything, but she’s pretty much the best.
Artist | Bermuda
Inspired by the nature and architecture of her Bermuda home, Avarie Graham specializes in pretty much everything. With a playful use of texture and shapes, her designs effortlessly mix the organic with the geometric. Oh, and did we mention she’s worked with Solange Knowles?! No big deal.
Artist | New York
Where in the world is Isabel Castillo Guijarro? Well, she’s originally from Madrid, and last we heard she’s been designing in the Big Apple! With her curious nature, love of travel, and constant search for the next challenge, no one knows where she’ll be next. But we bet it'll be some place really cool.
Wellness Expert | Pittsburgh
Jamie is a social media strategist from Pennsylvania. Her favorite things include spending time with her partner, eating meals outside, and going to the beach.
Artist | Toronto
Melody is a graphic designers, art director, writer, and illustror originally from Lausanne, Switzerland / currently living in Toronto, Canada. She designed the wellness planner cover.
Artist | The UK
Is there anything Aliyah Hussain can’t do? She’s a visual artist and jewelry designer that works in collage, ceramics, sculpture, and illustration. With a clever eye for the abstract, Aliyah’s work is dynamic, playful, unusual, and humorous all at the same time. She’s living proof that you really can do it all!
Artist | Los Angeles
We don’t know about you, but we’re Jonesing for more Katy (see what we did there?). Inspired by vintage aesthetics, Katy’s designs and typography are so on point, you’d swear they were actually from the 70s. Though she’s based in LA these days, she was raised in Manchester so we’re definitely having her over to teach us how to make a proper cuppa.
Artist | Brooklyn
Daniela falls asleep doing a crossword puzzle every night. She’s originally from Bogotá, Colombia, but now lives in New York. Her favorite things include hiking, drawing, and going to the movies.
Artist | Los Angeles
Bijou Karman is practically our neighbor here in sunny Los Angeles, but that’s not the only thing we have in common. Bijou’s inspired by unique women (same), nostalgia (always), flora (of course), and the California landscape (yes!). Are you our long-lost twin, Bijou?
Wellness Expert | Brooklyn
Vanessa can sing Ave Maria in a very, very deep baritone. She’s a crystal countess living in Brooklyn, and she likes sleeping in, hiking in beautiful mountain ranges, and sharing deep belly laughs with friends.
Artist | France
Djelissa Latini’s ultimate life goal is to own an ice cream truck in Echo Park. She’s always on the lookout for fun color combos and cool patterns. If you need her, you can find her taking Instagram pics at fruit stands. And if you need us, we’ll be in Echo Park, waiting for Djelissa’s ice cream truck!
Wellness Expert | San Clemente
A holistic nutritionist and health communication consultant, Koko is from Long Beach, California. She used to be a competitive swimmer, and did her first solo ocean swim when she was ten months old (!).
Artist | Los Angeles
Victoria Macey has a major crush on traditional sign painting and we’ve got a major crush on her designs! Not only is she a crazy talented designer, lettering artist, and art director, but we hear she can also drive stick like a boss. Teach us your ways, Victoria!
Artist | Greece
If you wanna get really jealous, look no further than Corina Nika's Instagram. Corina's inspired by the sun, the sea, and her surroundings, which just happen to be on a super pretty Greek island. And with inspiration like that, it’s no wonder her designs are so dreamy!
Artist | France
Laura Normand is always on the hunt for new things—like new concepts, new shapes, and new color combinations. We’re always on the hunt for new artist friends, so it’s a match made in heaven! Plus, Laura loves experimenting and playing with avant-gardism. And we also love when she experiments and plays with avant-gardism.
Artist | Minneapolis
Maddy Nye is the coolest Minneapolis-based designer and drinking buddy. She designs insanely cute stationery and is responsible for some of our current favorite pieces of typography. Hey Maddy, next time you’re in LA, drinks are on us!
Artist | Australia
Ngaio Parr is very busy. But don't worry, she likes doing lots of things at the same time! Things like illustration, art direction, set & space design, and tons more. In the little time she has off, Ngaio is a fan of ice cream (all kinds), Law & Order (all kinds), and traveling (also all kinds).
Wellness Expert | Los Angeles
Beth is from South Carolina, but currently lives in Los Angeles. She’s a professional organizer who’s into not having plans, eating dinner near the beach, and dancing.
Artist | Australia
We've got Georgia on our mind—Georgia Perry, that is! Georgia's designs are born out of her boundless imagination as well as her love of pop culture and collecting souvenirs. Watch as she brings art and irreverence into everyday moments and soon, you’ll have Georgia on your mind, too!
Wellness Expert | Washington, D.C.
Alisha is the founder and CEO of Girls’ Night In, a brand and community that encourages taking a break and cultivating strong friendships. She lives in Washington D.C., where she enjoys visiting botanical gardens and museums.
Wellness Expert | Chicago
South Side Chicago native Erica is a nutritionist and personal trainer. Her perfect day involves a morning run, some coffee, talking to her family, and cooking dinner with a basketball game on the tv.
Wellness Expert | Los Angeles
Camilla has lived in Denmark, England, and (currently) Los Angeles. On top of being an author, hypnotherapist, and meditation and life coach, she won the UK version of Dancing with the Stars in 2008.
Artist | Chile
Don't tell Sandrine Anne Sautejeau, but she might be too cool for us. She's a French-Chilean graphic designer who does a ton of work in the music industry and likes to mix everyday objects with bright colors, cool textures, and bold symbols. Yup, she’s definitely too cool for us.
Artist | The UK
We love Lucy Sherston. We love her playful compositions, we love her abstract vision, and we love her fun mix of colors and textures. But mostly, we love that no one else is doing what she's doing. Keep doing your thang, Lucy!
Artist | Brooklyn
You're gonna want to keep an eye on Emily Simms, 'cause this girl's going places. Emily's a designer and occasional photographer with a really cool, colorful vision for manifesting the beauty of brands. While you're at it, you should also keep an eye on her Instagram, because her aesthetic is seriously on point.
Artist | Brooklyn
You may not know it yet, but you already love Tina Smith. Specializing in elegant lettering and fun typography, you've seen her designs at places like Warby Parker and Target. And if that's not impressive enough, she also moved to New York from rural Montana on her own and she can poach a mean egg. Yeah, we wanna be Tina when we grow up.
Artist | Los Angeles
Hannah is a product designer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. Taking pride in trying new things, personal growth and community—you can find her hiking, drinking coffee (day + night), road-tripping in her vintage Volvo, and making things with her friends.
Wellness Expert | New York City
Shanna is into yoga, Oreos, and sunshine. (She also used to be into World of Warcraft, but has banned herself from it.) She currently lives in New York where she works as a life coach, yoga teacher, blogger, and podcaster.
Artist | The Netherlands
Sandy Van Helden tries to delight and empower with her designs. Mission accomplished, Sandy! With a focus on celebrating authenticity and body positivity, her work is all about confident characters, bright color palettes, and fun patterns. Consider us super delighted and really empowered.
Artist | San Francisco
Kim Vu is many things—plant lady, pug lover, letter nerd, and tiny explorer, to name a few. But she’s also a really gifted graphic designer and lettering artist! Her approach to typography is all about playfulness, minimalism, and good vibes. Something tells us we're a pretty good match.
Artist | Los Angeles
Julia is a graphic designer who likes kitschy tourist traps, antique stores, and going to concerts. One thing she doesn’t like? Mayonnaise.
Artist | Kansas City
For avid tourists like us, Dustin Williams is almost too good to be true. With a specialty in vintage typography, souvenirs, and novelties of all kinds, his work looks like it’s straight out of a retro theme park/our dreams. He even opened his own roadside attraction, Wonder Fair’s “Famous” Haunted Bathroom in Lawrence, Kansas and we’re planning a trip ASAP.
Artist | South Korea
Subin is from South Korea, but lived in India for five years as a kid. She loves drawing, nice meals, and making friends with cats and dogs.
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