Can you cancel my order?
Short answer: we’ll try! Long answer: as long as your order hasn’t been sent to our warehouse for fulfillment, we should be able to cancel it. Please contact us at info@bando.com or 1-800-992-3774 to see if your order is eligible for cancellation.

Do you have a store?
Not in the traditional sense, but we can be found in lots of stores around the world—click here to find one near you. We also host shopping events in person several times a year. Find out about those from our instagram (@shopbando)!

Can I get on your email list?
For sure. We’ll even give you a promo code for 10% off your next purchase when you join! Just scroll down to sign up in the footer below.

What is your wholesale policy?
We’ve got a super simple wholesale policy for both domestic and international wholesalers. click here to apply for an account or email any questions to wholesale@bando.com.

What is ban.do's inspiration?
We’re inspired by the power of friendship, the good old days, and all things fun. (Sure, there are other things too…like dogs wearing sunglasses and hash browns, but those are the main ones.)

Is your website secure?
Yep! On any page where we ask you to enter your address, phone number, or credit card information, we use secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt the communication.

Do you ship internationally?
We sure do. Click here to find out rates for your region.

How do you pronounce "ban.do" / what does it mean?
It’s like the “ban” in “bandana” and the “do” in “cookie dough”. ban.do is a spinoff of the fancy French word “bandeaux” which means headbands.

Can i buy ban.do for my business?
You can and you should! We offer special pricing for businesses looking for corporate gifts, internal office supplies, and SO much more! Just click here for more info!

Do you offer bulk / large order discounts?
You bet! When you order 50 or more units of a single item, we offer tiered pricing based on how many you want. Click here for more details and we'll make sure you get the best prices possible.

Can I customize ban.do products with my logo?
We believe in self-expression. And yes, that includes your logo! We have a wide variety of items that you can customize and our minimum starts at just 200 units. Click here for more details.