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Strawberry Blonde Reusable Paper Towel/Swedish Dish Cloth Set

Papaya Reusables




Regular paper towels? Wasteful. Sponges? Full of bacteria. Dish towels? Barely absorbent. These cloths by Papaya are reusable, antibacterial, and absorb 20x their weight in liquid! You’ll get a set of two and one hanging hook.

The details-
  • This design is part of Papaya Reusable's Female Artists of the World Collection! Designed by Washington-based illustrator and visual artist, Burcu Köleli
  • Burcu is passionate about intersectional environmentalist and feminist. Her work is inspired by activism, human relationships, and daily life
  • Each pack includes 2 sheets + 1 hanging hook
  • One sheet replaces 17 rolls of regular paper towel
  • They're all natural, anti-bacterial AND compostable
  • Secret talent: absorbs 20x its own weight in liquid
  • Simply wet to soften and clean any surface
  • 70% cellulose, 30% cotton
ITEM SKU: GP-331373