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Soothe Shower Steamer

Cocoa Body Co




Take a few moments to allow yourself to take in some self-care in the shower with our Soothe Shower Steamer that disperse feel-good aromas as you cleanse. Made with relaxing lavender essential oils, simply place the tablet in your shower and it will dissolve to work its mood-lifting magic. With some of the benefits of taking a long bath without the hassle of wait time, you can experience a moment of pure relaxation while you take time to sit with your thoughts and emerge with a brand-new mindset.

The details-
  • How to use:
    • Place steamer in the shower out of the direct stream of water.
    • Apply a few drops of water to activate.
    • Breathe deeply and enjoy.
  • Warning: Due to the high concentration of essential oils this product is not safe for use on skin. Do not use in a bath. Keep away from moisture until you're ready to use.
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