ready to get schooled?! here's your official guide to the hashtags, complete with detailed definitions and vibrant visuals. read up, join in, and score a 4.0 in fun! oh, and follow:
[band-oh fuhn]
the og hashtag, pertaining to anything and everything (wait for it...) fun!
snap pics of: bright neon lights, epic dance parties, eating cotton candy, etc.
sample caption: "we're on a trampoline! #bandofun"
[band-oh fuhn in thuh suhn]
the summertime sister of #bandofun! also incl. spring break, beach days, and all kinds of sun-kissed bliss.
snap pics of: brilliant blues, royal palms, vibes so good it's like there's an actual sunshine in your phone, etc.
sample caption: "floatin' in a donut pool, y'all #bandofuninthesun"
[oh-em-jee band-oh uh-jen-duh]
inspired by our obsession with the new agendas and planner love in general; freq. used with #bandostickerup (see below).
snap pics of: agendas and stickers! agendas and confetti! agendas and kittens! etc.
sample caption: "#omgbandoagenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[band-oh gurl gang]
everything related to you being a rad girl, repping solo or with your friends, and basically ruling the world.
snap pics of: brunch with your bffs, secret handshakes, a supercute selfie, etc.
sample caption: "new nails match my sip sip tumbler! #bandogirlgang"
[band-oh luhvs el-ay]
a curated guide to the city we love; used chiefly to share hot tips and inside scoop on our favorite places/eats/events in los angeles.
snap pics of: hitchcock at hollywood forever, dinner at gracias madre, secret heart-covered stairs
sample caption: "mind blown at the louis vuitton exhibit! #bandolovela"

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