honor roll is ban.do’s free advice series. it’s where you can chat with us about business-related things like changing careers or starting your own company, as well as non-business-related things like your favorite tv theme songs.
our founder and cco, jen gotch, might have already answered that burning question of yours...
what is ban.do honor roll?-
i’m thinking of starting my own business. any advice?+
how do i get started on my own business with limited money?+
my small business was approached by an investor, should i bring on a partner?+
how do you get ideas for new products?+
how do i persevere towards my goals & balance career ambitions with mental health/stress+
how do you prevent yourself from burning out?+
over the years of building ban.do, what kept you going during moments of self doubt?+
what is your advice on reaching potential customers without having a large following?+
how do I hire employees that are the best fit for my company?+
15% of the proceeds will be donated to WriteGirl, an LA-based creative writing and mentoring organization that promotes creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills to empower teen girls.

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