honor roll

Honor Roll is ban.do’s ongoing free advice series established in 2015. It’s where we come together with our community and share what we have learned from our experiences in both business and life.
Our founder and CCO, Jen Gotch, might have already answered that burning question of yours...
what is ban.do honor roll?-
i’m thinking of starting my own business. any advice?+
how do i get started on my own business with limited money?+
my small business was approached by an investor, should i bring on a partner?+
how do you get ideas for new products?+
how do i persevere towards my goals & balance career ambitions with mental health/stress+
how do you prevent yourself from burning out?+
over the years of building ban.do, what kept you going during moments of self doubt?+
what is your advice on reaching potential customers without having a large following?+
how do I hire employees that are the best fit for my company?+
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