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Creative Contributors
Creative Contributors
Many of our products, social takeovers, photoshoots and more wouldn't be possible without our amazingly talented community of creative contributors. Read about them below, and make sure you check out their websites, too.
profile picture of Malaaya Adams
Malaaya Adams
Illustrator | Maryland
For as long as Malaaya Adams can remember she loved illustration, cartoons, and children’s books. Her passion for illustration and graphic design has grown throughout the years, and she looks forward to blending her illustration mindset with design principles in the future.
profile picture of Chelsea Akpan
Chelsea Akpan
Artist | Texas
Chelsea is a Texas based cartoonist with a penchant for color and whimsicality. Most of her work is comprised of comics and illustrations that focus exaggerated shapes, humor and storytelling. She draws inspiration from cartoons, graphic novels, fashion and her own stupid, personal experiences.
profile picture of Berry Aktuglu
Berry Aktuglu
Artist | Berlin, Germany
Atelier Mave is a Berlin based illustration and surface pattern design studio, founded by Berry Aktuglu with a passion for creating colorful and quirky illustrations and products. Each design starts with hand-drawn lines; has its own playful characters and color combinations that draw Mave's joyful vocabulary. She is particularly inspired by nature, travel, vintage markets and childhood memories.
profile picture of Tatyana ZW Alanis
Tatyana ZW Alanis
Artist | Fort Worth, Texas
Tatyana ZW Alanis is an illustrator and designer from Anaheim, California now residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Under the name French 75 Studios she creates illustrations inspired by a mix of nostalgia and present day. She depicts timeless illustrations of her interpretation of everyday life.
profile picture of Annie Armstrong
Annie Armstrong
Floral Designer | California
Annie is a floral designer from sunny California with her own boutique floral design studio, Best Day Ever. With a little help from Annie, you can learn how to make perfect arrangement to send to someone you love (especially if that person is you).
profile picture of Nia Bailey
Nia Bailey
Artist | Dallas, Texas
Nia is the letter-loving, digital-drawing, pixel-pushing, creative lady from Texas. Drawing inspiration from her own name, which means purpose in Swahili, Nia creates bold artwork with intention, often centered around culture, current events and being one's authentic self! While her focus is hand-lettering and illustration, she is a jack-of-all-trades, and dabbles in all things creative!
profile picture of Morgan Bak
Morgan Bak
Artist | Portland, OR
I am a visual artist based in Portland, OR who works primarily as a painter and illustrator. My art consists mainly of abstract and figurative forms using a visual language of shapes that I’ve developed throughout the years. My work has been shown in Montreal, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, and Oregon and can currently be seen in various locations around Portland.
profile picture of Jillian Barthold
Jillian Barthold
Artist | Portland, Oregon
Jillian Barthold is an illustrator and printmaker whose biggest inspirations include souvenirs, rock collections, everyday objects, small treasures, a long sunset, and "really, truly staring at a flower."
profile picture of Hannah Michelle-Bayley
Hannah-Michelle Bayley
Artist | England
Hannah-Michelle is an animal lover from the North of England. Aside from trying to catch the eye of dogs sitting under neighbouring tables in restaurants, Hannah-Michelle likes to spend her time slurping all forms of coffee whilst drawing in her home studio space.
profile picture of Isa Beniston
Isa Beniston
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Also known as Gentle Thrills, Isa Beniston is an artist living, working, and generally crushing it in Los Angeles. With a focus on wearable drawings and happy stationery, she’s made custom airbrushed outfits for Post Malone and tea towels for Maria Bamford. Basically what we’re saying is Isa's the current frontrunner for coolest person in the world.
profile picture of Katie Benn
Katie Benn
Artist | San Francisco, California
Katie Benn? More like Katie, where have you Benn all our lives? (Apologies for that, Katie.) But really, this is one painter, muralist, and illustrator we can’t get enough of. Inspired by vintage packaging design and old films in technicolor, her work explores the human condition and her own inner world. Coincidentally, it looks a lot like what we want our inner world to look like.
profile picture of Alexandra Berrocal
Alexandra Berrocal
Content Creator | Brooklyn, New York
Alexandra Berrocal is a content creator & hand model based in New York highly experienced in creating beautiful, thoughtfully curated, elevated and engaging content. She has a strong interest in quality, unique craftsmanship & style, color theory, and the belief that well-designed spaces can have a positive effect on our mood.
profile picture of Halsey Berryman
Halsey Berryman
Artist | Washington, DC
Halsey (she/her) is an illustrator and lettering artist from Washington, DC. She received her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2014, where she studied Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. From there, she developed a love for letters and telling stories with her work. As a multidisciplinary artist, she works with digital and traditional tools on projects ranging from large scale murals to editorial illustration, often exploring topics related to current events and the absurd.
profile picture of Elena Boils
Elena Boils
Artist | United Kingdom
She’s all that. And by “she” we mean Elena Boils, of course! You can always recognize Elena’s work by the bright, fun colors and the super cool way she layers two-dimensional shapes with three-dimensional spaces. We could stare at her art for hours (and sometimes we do).
profile picture of Danica Bowers
Danica Bowers
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Danica is a textile artist and fabric painter from California. To cope with Los Angeles traffic, she likes to listen to classical music. Her other interests include eating ice cream and laughing with her best friends.
profile picture of Marion Bretagne
Marion Bretagne
Artist | Madrid, Spain
Marion is a French multi-disciplinary designer, illustrator, artist and riso printer based in Madrid, Spain. She's got a particular taste for coffee at 6a.m. before anyone is awake. Her favourite things are the '70s, drinking vermouth on a sunny terrasse with friends, reading a book she can't put down and the Mediterranean sea.
profile picture of Anna Brettschneider
Anna Brettschneider
Textile Designer & Interior Stylist | Brooklyn, New York
Anna is a multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She currently works as a Textile & Rug designer and freelances as an Interior Stylist and Content Creator. Her work is deeply defined by color, curiosity, and a positive outlook.
profile picture of Danny Brito
Danny Brito
Artist | Miami, Florida
Danny Brito is a queer artist living in Miami, Florida. He is inspired by children’s illustrations from the 1960s and 1970s, often mixing that cute style with contemporary subject matter.
profile picture of Mallory Browne
Mallory Browne
Floral Designer | Los Angeles, California
Mallory is the floral designer behind Mallory with the Flowers. A floral studio centered around authenticity, transcendence, and representation - all with a hint of sparkle.
profile picture of Milena Bucholz
Milena Bucholz
Artist | Paris, France
In kindergarten, Milena painted a tree that was twice as big as she was. It was her greatest accomplishment (and still is). Today, she lives in Paris and creates digital art that’s thoughtful, bold, and simple.
profile picture of Monet Bush
Monet Bush
Editorial | North Carolina
With a mission to work with companies that are focused on wellness, Monet founded her design company, Earth and Olive, to help the wellness industry keep up with their mainstream competitors. And just between us, she’s totally crushing it.
profile picture of Lea Carey
Lea Carey
Artist | New York City, New York
With a focus on illustration and textile print design, Lea is inspired by vintage textiles, children’s books, and hand-painted signage.
profile picture of Jannel Castillo
Jannel Castillo
Publicist and Graphic Designer | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Her name is Jannel Castillo, but you can call her Jann! Born and raised in a beautiful country of the Caribbean called the Dominican Republic, she's a Publicist and Graphic Designer who loves Photography and Fashion.
profile picture of Chloe Chalhoub
Chloe Chalhoub
Artist | Lebanon
Chloe is an illustrator and graphic designer living in the mountains of Lebanon. All she needs to be happy is her wolf dog, her work, and her stash of chocolate.
profile picture of Ale Hernandez Chavez
Ale Hernandez Chavez
Artist | Tijuana, Mexico
Alme Letters lives in Tijuana, and is a letterer and graphic designer. Her work is based on feminist themes, empowerment and gender equality. She loves inspiring people to raise their voices and keep fighting for what they believe in.
profile picture of Edinah Chewe
Edinah Chewe
Artist | United Kingdom
Edinah (AKA Wildlogic) designs with the intent to inspire others. She believes we, as humans, all have a story to tell and she tells hers through bold typography and illustrations with a playful use of color.
profile picture of Leah Costa
Leah Costa
Artist | Detroit, Michigan
Leah Costa is a queer graphic designer, illustrator, and multidisciplinary artist based in Detroit, MI. Her work is informed by curiosity of the natural world and constant experimentation. She is inspired by the unconventional and seeks to create works that embody positive energy. In her free time, Leah can be found at the botanical gardens or sipping matcha lattes at a local cafe.
profile picture of Kayla Curley
Kayla Curley
Graphic Designer | New Orleans, Louisana
Kayla is a New Orleans native–Multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer who enjoys motion graphics animation, branding, collage + film.
profile picture of Pamela Gray Daniel
Pamela Gray Daniel
Consultant and Educator | Richmond, Virginia
Pamela Gray Daniel is a Social Unity & Oneness Practioner and Coach and I.D.E.A.S consultant/educator. As a coach, she focuses on meeting people right where they are on this journey to social change. She works to empower, educate and encourage individuals to review the system of their behaviors and live in fidelity to the values we want to see embodied in our world.
profile picture of Doriana Lucía Del Pilar Cruz
Doriana Lucía Del Pilar Cruz
Artist | Dominican Republic
Doriana is an architect & illustrator from the Dominican Republic. Dori (as her friends call her) studied architecture but her passion has always been to draw. She loves colors, and to combine saturated, bright colors with pastel ones. She’s inspired by nature, people around her, the Caribbean climate, and Dominican culture.
profile picture of Lucy Dickson
Lucy Dickson
Artist | United Kingdom
Lucy Dickson wants you to feel good. Inspired by nature, animals, and human behavior, her goal is to create art that makes people smile and feel more confident. If she wasn’t an artist, Lucy says she’d want a job where she gets to help people. We’re not sure she isn’t an undercover angel.
profile picture of Lie Dirkx
Lie Dirkx
Artist | London, United Kingdom
Lie Dirkx is an artist specializing in illustration and pattern design who also runs a small brand of silk scarves called Fleurs de Lie.
profile picture of Katya Dorokhina
Katya Dorokhina
Artist | Moscow, Russia
Katya is a multidisciplinary artist living in Moscow, Russia. Her main focus is digital Illustration, but she's also really into animation, ceramics and painting.
profile picture of Sophie Douala
Sophie Douala
Artist | Germany
Sophie Douala likes to think of her work as a playground. And it’s definitely a playground we want to hang out on. With a colorful and distinct aesthetic, Sophie’s designs are marked by their playful use of geometrics and experimentation with forms, lines, and color. She has a passion for the imagery of the mind, and we have to say—it’s one good looking mind at that.
profile picture of Michelle R.D'Urbano
Michelle D'Urbano
Artist | Chingola, Zambia
Michelle is an illustrator and surface pattern designer who uses her art as a visual celebration of colour and pattern. She creates work that is inspired by life experiences, people, nature, dreams/thoughts and conversations while maintaining playful and light perspective.
profile picture of Leiana Edwards
Leiana Edwards
Artist | Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Leiana Edwards is a hand-lettering artist based in Chapel Hill, NC. With aspirations of being a dentist, her goal is to make people smile both in her vocation and through her art. With her unique style and use of bright colors, Leiana aims to be a source of positivity, encouragement, and reassurance for anyone who needs it.
profile picture of Sarah Eisenlohr
Sarah Eisenlohr
Artist | Montana
When it comes to beautiful collage art, Sarah Eisenlohr is your girl. Her work incorporates nature, spirituality, surrealism, and inspiration from her own day-to-day life. Her greatest accomplishment is raising a human (well, that and working on the ban.do Planners...right, Sarah?).
profile picture of Ana Christie Elias
Ana Christie Elias
Artist | Lima, Perú
Ana Christie can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. She’s a graphic designer and illustrator from Lima, Perú but she likes to travel through the internet (and her imagination) during this time. She likes to draw since she was little, listen to music or podcasts according to her mood and watch movies and doggy videos.
profile picture of Danielle
Danielle "Knee" Estefan
Artist | Miami, Florida
Danielle Estefan is a Miami-based multidisciplinary artist specializing in illustration and graphic design. Known by many under the pseudonym “Knee”, her work has appeared in various galleries, murals, and commercial projects. Danielle spends most of her time drawing, crafting, enjoying nature, gaming, watching movies and anime, crate digging, and kitchen dance parties with her husband and corgi.
profile picture of Juliana Estrella
Juliana Estrella
Editorial | Brooklyn, New York
Juliana’s daily affirmation? It’s simple—gratitude. Some things she’s grateful for include sunshine, hoop earrings, coffee, and helping people achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives.
profile picture of Ingrid Fetell Lee
Ingrid Fetell Lee
Editorial | Brooklyn, New York
Ingrid knows a thing or two (or a billion) about joy. With a background in design, her work focuses on the many ways ordinary things can bring us joy. She even wrote a book on how to find joy in our everyday surroundings.
profile picture of Marianna Fierro
Marianna Fierro
Art Director & Illustrator | Los Angeles, California
Marianna is a design-y art director, food illustrator, urban hiker, flower enthusiast, and she will get on a plane to catch her favorite band play. She was born and raised in a pizza shop in Udine, Italy and before landing in Los Angeles, she spent 6.5 years in NYC after going to school in Ohio.
profile picture of Tallulah Fontaine
Tallulah Fontaine
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Are fans of Tallulah Fontaine called "Fantaines"? If so, we’re president of the Fantaine Club. Tallulah’s soft watercolors and sweet illustrations have a striking simplicity that’ll keep you wanting more. Just watch, you’ll be joining the club in no time.
profile picture of 	
Dr. Cassidy Freitas
Dr. Cassidy Freitas
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | San Diego, California
Dr. Cassidy Freitas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Based in San Diego, California, she runs a private practice where she holds space for meaningful change with individuals and couples navigating life’s big transitions.
profile picture of Dr. Janice Gassam
Dr. Janice Gassam
DEI Educator | New York City, New York
Janice Gassam Asare is a diversity, equity and inclusion educator and strategist as well as a business professor. She recently published a diversity, equity and inclusion guidebook to help organizations on their inclusion journey.
profile picture of Martina Galarza
Martina Galarza
Artist | Spain
Marte specializes in conceptualizing and creating unique visual experiences combining illustration, lettering, graphic design, muralism and branding. Since 2015 she has been working freelance for the music industry, developing graphic identities for festivals and bands in Argentina and around the world.
profile picture of Jade Gedeon
Jade Gedeon
Founder | ‎Massachusetts
We Dream in Colour is a jewelry line led and powered by women. Founder Jade Gedeon draws inspiration from her nomadic upbringing and extensive exposure to a multitude of nations and cultures. Born in the United States and raised in Trinidad, she has made her home in numerous countries. She presently calls Essex Massachusetts home and resides there with her husband and two perfectly behaved (she wishes) children. When not designing jewelry, Jade can usually be found obsessing over her plants and garden.
profile picture of Bunny Ghatrora
Editorial | Vancouver, Canada
Along with her sister Taran, Bunny co-founded Blume to de-stigmatize periods and make women more confident and conscious. Right now her power color is yellow, but ask her again later because it’s always changing.
profile picture of Taran Ghatrora
Taran Ghatrora
Editorial | Vancouver, Canada
Along with her sister Bunny, Taran co-founded Blume to de-stigmatize periods and make women more confident and conscious. Her favorite things include her dog, a good cup of coffee, and having a heart to heart with her friends.
profile picture of Constanza Goeppinger
Constanza Goeppinger
Artist | Australia
Constanza went to school for business, but later found her true passion in graphic design and illustration. She mainly illustrates women (she’s inspired by femininity and strength), and loves adding her personal twist to projects by trying different color palettes and patterns.
profile picture of Elizabeth Goodspeed
Elizabeth Goodspeed
Artist | Providence, Rhode Island
Elizabeth is an independent graphic designer, art director, and casual archivist. She's fascinated by design history and spends a lot of her free time scanning old books.
profile picture of Leah Goren
Leah Goren
Artist | Southern California
Can Leah Goren design our life? Because she already designs all of our dreams! Leah’s an illustrator and surface pattern designer who gets inspired by plants, the sun, the ocean, and colors and moods that are bright and free. We don’t wanna make her blush or anything, but she’s pretty much the best.
profile picture of Gabriella Gouveia
Gabriella Gouveia
Artist | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gabriella is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Summer is her favorite! Her hobbies include yoga, painting, eating great food and sleeping on people's shoulders whenever she can!
profile picture of Avarie Graham
Avarie Graham
Artist | Bermuda
Inspired by the nature and architecture of her Bermuda home, Avarie Graham specializes in pretty much everything. With a playful use of texture and shapes, her designs effortlessly mix the organic with the geometric. Oh, and did we mention she’s worked with Solange Knowles?! No big deal.
profile picture of Sophie Greenspan
Sophie Greenspan
Artist | Mexico City, Mexico
Originally from Boston, Sophie now lives in Mexico City where she finds herself endlessly inspired by its architecture and animal topiaries. She’s an illustrator, designer, and collage-r, but she's most proud of her achievements as a ceramicist (she can wheel throw and make her own glazes!).
profile picture of Hayley Grimes
Hayley Grimes
Artist | Chicago, Illinois
Hayley Grimes is a Chicago based illustrator and graphic designer. She is inspired by 60’s children's book illustrations & vintage punk posters. She’s currently obsessed with collecting 70’s power pop records and gardening.
profile picture of Jamie Hamilton
Jamie Hamilton
Editorial | Tuscon, Arizona
Focusing on creating plus-size editorial images, Jamie is a creative dedicated to making change. Her work is all about representing underrepresented body types to reinforce that each and every body is deserving of respect.
profile picture of Ana Hard
Ana Hard
Artist | Spain
It’s easy to love Ana Hard. Just look at her illustrations! Ana’s work is all about details, dreaming, and creating her own universe inspired by fashion, movies, femininity, and daily life. Now that’s a universe we’d like to live in.
profile picture of Grace Heejung Kim
Grace Heejung Kim
Artist | New York City, NY
Grace is a Korean illustrator based in New York City. When she is not illustrating, you will find her exploring different corners of the world or planning her next adventure. She is also a huge food enthusiast.
profile picture of Min Heo
Min Heo
Artist | San Francisco, California
With inspiration from daily life, humor, contemporary artists, 18th century paintings, and artists like Matisse and Hockney, Min Heo creates both digital and traditional paintings (and sometimes sculptures!).
profile picture of Margie Hernandez
Margie Hernandez
Artist | Orlando, Florida
Margie Hernandez is a Puerto Rican artist, based out of Orlando, Florida. She's constantly trying to pick up a new medium, and loves expressing herself in any shape or form through art and fashion.
profile picture of María Eugenia Hernández
María Eugenia Hernández
Artist | Argentina
What is there to say about María Eugenia Hernández? ...What isn’t there to say? She’s an illustrator based in Argentina who is inspired by women, nature, and everyday routine. She loves getting to do what she loves for a living just about as much as she loves the dachshund puppy she adopted (which is a lot).
profile picture of Clay Hickson
Clay Hickson
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles-based illustrator, co-founder of print studio Tan & Loose Press, and co-founder of monthly newspaper The Smudge; Clay Hickson is a risograph pro, even if his studio is in his garage.
profile picture of Joanne Ho
Joanne Ho
Artist | New Zealand
Joanne Ho describes her own style as, "Where you would want to be right now." Which is pretty spot-on, if you ask us. Channeling whimsy and wanderlust, Joanne’s paintings are full of water, plants, and general dreaminess. If we could jump into paintings like they used to do on Blue’s Clues, we’d definitely jump into one of Joanne’s.
profile picture of Alja Horvat
Alja Horvat
Artist | Slovenia
You’re going to want to remember the name Alja Horvat. Inspired by everything, Alja’s work as an illustrator and painter has donned such items as yoga mats, socks, and exclusive art prints for some really cool shops. Basically, don’t be surprised when her art is everywhere you look, because this girl’s going places.
profile picture of Sidney Howard
Sidney Howard
Artist | Los Angeles, California
You might not realize it yet, but you’re about to fall in love. Sidney Howard is an artist and designer working and roller skating in Los Angeles. Her colorful illustrations are inspired by tropical places, the human condition, and the magic of the everyday. They definitely add a little magic to our day!
profile picture of Rachel Howe
Rachel Howe
Artist | Los Angeles, CA
Everything I do falls under the umbrella of Small Spells, my multi-dimensional brand joining healing and the arts. My illustration work is woven into my metaphysical offerings, and my original drawings also find their way into my hand-poke tattoo practice, and logo and design commissions for other artists and brands.
profile picture of Amelia Hruby
Amelia Hruby
Writer & Podcaster | Chicago, Illinois
Amelia Hruby is a feminist writer and podcaster from Chicago. She spend her days interviewing feminist activists and artists for my podcast Fifty Feminist States, supporting feminist entrepreneurs through her job at Feminist Business School, and sharing feminist practices for the radical present on Instagram.
profile picture of Isabela Humphrey
Isabela Humphrey
Artist | Chapel Hill, NC
Isabela Humphrey is an Illustrator and visual designer and through her use of bold, unique figures and bright visual elements, she celebrates the vibrant spirit and strength of women. Originally trained in fashion, Isabela applies her understanding and knowledge of color and patterns to create harmonious images and bold compositions.
profile picture of Aliyah Hussain
Aliyah Hussain
Artist | United Kingdom
Is there anything Aliyah Hussain can’t do? She’s a visual artist and jewelry designer that works in collage, ceramics, sculpture, and illustration. With a clever eye for the abstract, Aliyah’s work is dynamic, playful, unusual, and humorous all at the same time. She’s living proof that you really can do it all!
profile picture of Zaynab Issa
Zaynab Issa
Editorial | New York City, New York
Zaynab is a recipe developer, freelance creative, and food editor at Bon Apetit. Her ethos on cooking & community places emphasis on food as a holistic experience that sparks joy and conversation, ultimately bringing people together and encouraging sharing.
profile picture of Leeya Rose Jackson
Leeya Rose Jackson
Artist | Minneapolis, MN
Leeya Rose Jackson is a painter, designer and illustrator from Detroit, Mi. She goes by Leeya Makes Noise because everything she creates is colorful and loud and has an in your face perspective. Her work celebrates the beauty of BIPOC femmes and her plant and flower friends around her. She believes everyone should make noise in their pursuit for joy.
profile picture of Naïma Jakimowicz
Naïma Jakimowicz
Artist | France
Welcome to a world of glitter! Naïma, a french illustrator based in the South of France, runs the studio Glitter Power Club. Her colorful universe is full of vintage flowers, disco pets, and happy people, with a lot of colors. She happily works for fashion, stationery and interior designs for cool brands all around the world.
profile picture of Sana Javeri Kadri
Sana Javeri Kadri
Founder | Oakland, California
Sana Javeri Kadri (she/her) was born and raised in Mumbai, India in a big, mixed up Muslim-Jain-Hindu family assembled from every corner of the country where food was the common denominator that brought them all together. She is the founder of Diaspora Co., a direct trade spice company working towards a radically equitable, sustainable, and more delicious spice supply chain.
profile picture of Liana Jegers
Liana Jegers
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Liana Jegers makes drawings for magazines, newspapers, and websites; zines with Caboose Books (formerly Tan & Loose Press) and Issue Press; and sometimes other things like t-shirts, stamps, prints, and painted silk scarves. In addition to putting pencil to paper, she produces and edits a monthly publication called The Smudge with Clay Hickson.
profile picture of Sabrina Johnson
Sabrina Johnson
Artist | Los Angeles, CA
Sabrina is a Thai visual artist, illustrator, art director & dog mom living in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, she found herself loving to draw and paint, but then went to school for graphic design. Her illustrations are happy accidents of blending the 2 worlds she loves.
profile picture of Shenequa Johnson
Shenequa Johnson
Artist | Brooklyn, NY
Shenequa is an NYC Native Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Her digital art often features women, nature, color and themes of representation mixed with mantras and affirmations that have played a large role in her life. You can often find her binging her favorite show.
profile picture of Katy Jones
Katy Jones
Artist | Los Angeles, California
We don’t know about you, but we’re Jonesing for more Katy (see what we did there?). Inspired by vintage aesthetics, Katy’s designs and typography are so on point, you’d swear they were actually from the 70s. Though she’s based in LA these days, she was raised in Manchester so we’re definitely having her over to teach us how to make a proper cuppa.
profile picture of Gaïana Joseph
Gaïana Joseph
Founder | Harlem, New York
Gaïana Joseph’s roots were planted in Haïti and she is currently blooming in Harlem. A Smith College graduate, she is now a tech professional working in product management. Outside of her professional work, she is Co-Executive Director of Fuel the People, Inc., a nonprofit she co-founded that is committed to resolving issues of housing and food insecurity in NYC + DC.
profile picture of Nicole Katz
Nicole Katz
Editorial | Los Angeles, California
Nicole Katz is the owner of Paper Chase Press, a family-owned print shop based in Hollywood. Nicole is inspired by great art and design, font foundries, early Modernist architecture, artist books and zines, and anyone who overcomes adversity.
profile picture of Ailbhe and Izzy Keane
Ailbhe and Izzy Keane
Editorial | Dublin, Ireland
Sisters Ailbhe and Izzy are all about self-expression. After making wheel covers for Izzy’s wheelchair, they founded Izzy Wheels with the intention to empower those living with disabilities through wearable works of art. Their motto is, “If you can’t stand up, stand out!”
profile picture of Katie Kimmel
Artist | Mojave Desert, California
Dogs and food are two hallmarks of Katie’s designs, whether she's making ceramics or sweaters. Her personal mantra is, "Remember to brush your teeth." Then, "Great job remembering to brush your teeth."
profile picture of Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight
Editorial | Brooklyn, New York
Vanessa is a Brooklyn-based artist, crystal curator, and the mind behind Able Ground. She travels the world in search of the coolest crystals, so she knows a thing or two (or a million things) about them.
profile picture of Djelissa Latini
Djelissa Latini
Artist | Paris, France
Djelissa Latini’s ultimate life goal is to own an ice cream truck in Echo Park. She’s always on the lookout for fun color combos and cool patterns. If you need her, you can find her taking Instagram pics at fruit stands. And if you need us, we’ll be in Echo Park, waiting for Djelissa’s ice cream truck!
profile picture of Lauren Leavell
Lauren Leavell
Fitness Instructor + Content Creator | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lauren Leavell (she/her) is a body positive certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Her work revolves around making fitness accessible and focusing on client-led movement. Lauren is passionate about creating a welcoming and diverse community that focuses on feeling embodied and moving in a fun way.
profile picture of Soojin Lee
Soojin Lee
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Soojin Lee is a pusher of pixels, creator of vectors, and follower of creative technology. She is interested in bringing conceptual components and throwing them into the mix of absurdist humor. Her design practices explore elements of mundane life, reflect online cultures, and the reach of emerging technology.
profile picture of Ashley LeQuere
Ashley LeQuere
Artist | Bristol, United Kingdom
Ashley LeQuere is a freelance pattern designer, illustrator, and lettering designer based in Bristol, UK. Creating joyful designs by adding personality and positivity, specializing in illustrated greeting card design, surface pattern and brush lettering with a huge love for packaging and product design.
profile picture of Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis
Artist | New York City, New York
Chloe Lewis is a freelance illustrator and designer who grew up in Fort Myers Florida and is currently based in New York City. Her focuses as an illustrator and a graphic designer are to solve visual problems. Her creations are striking in their use of color and line. Her work is predominately digitally created and she is fond of keeping a sketchbook to work ideas in. She is inspired by everything that captures the essence of joy!
profile picture of Koko Lieppman-Collado
Koko Lieppman-Collado
Editorial | San Clemente, California
With a focus on real food, Koko is a holistic nutritionist and health communication consultant dedicated to guiding positive health and lifestyle changes for anyone who wants to live their healthiest and happiest life.
profile picture of Nasaya Mafaridik
Nasaya Mafaridik
Artist | Indonesia
Nasaya Mafaridik is an illustrator living in Indonesia. She enjoying playing with words and colors, and aims to make art that invites people to reflect and never let go of the rope of hope.
profile picture of Jo Malinis
Jo Malinis
Artist | Quezon City, Philippines
Jo Malinis is a graphic designer at heart. Apart from working on brand identities, she is also fascinated by letterforms and how they can be representative of concepts and themes that inspire her personal and professional work. Jo founded Type63, an initiative that aims to serve as a platform to celebrate and showcase type design and typography by Filipinos.
profile picture of Alessia Margarita
Alessia Margarita
Artist | Italy
Alessia is an Italian illustrator, always a lover of drawing, creating, and curious about the entire world of image-making. She is currently interested in the development of multidisciplinary projects, and focused on playing around with geometric shapes and vivid color palettes. In her works, she loves to combine ordinary things or apparently trivial and simple scenarios with unusual and playful elements.
profile picture of Anna Maria
Anna Maria
Artist | Bandung, Indonesia
Anna is an artist and small business owner of her art label The Fools Who Dream. Anna uses her creative practice to portray her emotions, and tell stories through her colourful work. Drawing and colors for her have been her fascination since she was a child. Her colourful upbringing has clearly influenced her path into illustration. Her other interests include reading fiction and non-fiction books and sometimes being inspired from it.
profile picture of Amrita Marino
Amrita Marino
Artist | Brooklyn, New York
Amrita Marino is a New York based designer and illustrator from Calcutta, India. Her illustrations are bold, colorful and female-centric. She loves to study design history and create from an eclectic mix of influences. You may have seen her work before in places such as The New York Times and Facebook.
profile picture of Rafaela Mascaro
Rafaela Mascaro
Artist | São Paulo, Brazil
Rafaela is an illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil and Studio Grand-Père is an illustration project created in 2015, with the purpose to encourage and inspire people to share their creativity around the world. The project is driven by the desire to extend diversity and exploit it in the best possible way, including the plurality of genres, cultures, classes, and ethnicities.
profile picture of Morgan McGlothan
Morgan McGlothan
Model + Artist | Los Angeles, California
Morgan is a Model with a background in Film & Photography. She likes to spend her time going on walks around her neighborhood and listening to true crime podcasts. The inspiration for her work comes largely from the communities she's involved in - both in person and on the internet - and believes that creating more spaces for radical vulnerability to flourish can help connect ourselves to those around us.
profile picture of Elisabeth McNair
Elisabeth McNair
Artist | Atlanta, Georgia
Elisabeth McNair is a cartoonist, illustrator, and designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She draws cartoons for The New Yorker and hopes they bring a little bit of laughter to people's lives. When she's not working, she's playing with her dog, Rufus, and her cat, Ramona.
profile picture of Michelle Mildenberg
Michelle Mildenberg
Artist | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michelle is a Colombian audiovisual artist and Illustrator currently based in Amsterdam. She touches subjects such as the history of female bodies, biopolitics and their relationship to the territory they inhabit. At the moment she is working in a short movie about the coming of age of her mother during a trip in the 70’s in Colombia.
proile picture of Hannah Minn
Hannah Minn
Artist | New York, New York
Hannah is a New York based illustrator and designer currently living in her hometown in Southern California (for now!). She likes sleeping in, playing with her dog, and watching Korean dramas, but more than anything, she loves spending time with friends and loved ones especially around great food and culture.
profile picture of Anush Mirbegian
Anush Mirbegian
Creative Director | Between Barcelona and New York City
Anush is a creative director and an espadrille designer, who dreams of being a baker. She also has a penchant for paddle boarding, black cats and train travel. She spilts her days between Barcelona and New York City.
profile picture of Queenbe Monyei
Queenbe Monyei
Artist | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Queenbe is a digital artist and gif-maker who enjoys using patterns and bold colors to bring her illustrations to life.
profile picture of Taylor Elyse Morrison
Taylor Elyse Morrison
Founder and Podcaster | Chicago, Illinois
Taylor Elyse Morrison is a would-be workaholic who is learning to do the inner work. She's always been described as a go-getter. While she is all about women being ambitious, her focus on achievement left her exhausted, anxious, and regularly burned out. Now, she spends her days supporting other folks’ self-care through Inner Workout and inspiring others to engage in personal development for collective change through her podcast, Be School.
profile picture of Janna Morton
Janna Morton
Artist | Baltimore, Maryland
Janna is an illustrator, comics creator, and fashion blogger living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. You can often find her either thrifting, having a picnic, or exploring a part of the world she's never been to before.
profile picture of Gisela Navarro
Gisela Navarro
Artist | London
Gisela Navarro is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires, based in London. She studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Buenos Aires and worked as a freelancer on commissions, ranging from editorial illustration, packaging, branding to fashion and interior textiles. She's particularly keen on bringing an artistic approach and lively passion to all her projects.
profile picture of Neethi
Artist | Bengaluru, India
Neethi is an illustrator, muralist and surface pattern designer based out of Bangalore, India, who loves creating bright fantastical scenes sprinkled with a lot of patterns and bold colors.
profile picture of Corina Nika
Corina Nika
Artist | Greece
If you wanna get really jealous, look no further than Corina Nika's Instagram. Corina's inspired by the sun, the sea, and her surroundings, which just happen to be on a super pretty Greek island. And with inspiration like that, it’s no wonder her designs are so dreamy!
profile picture of Ninki
Artist | Japan
Ninki means “welcome” in Japanese. She is an illustrator based in Japan who started to learn to draw when she was a child. Ninki finds inspiration in Risograph, screen printing, and vintage texture. She enjoys using limited colors to express her feelings. She always keeps the habit of having a sketchbook at hand to take notes when things catch her attention. She uses these notes to see more details and to find her own way of looking at the world.
profile picture of Maddy Nye
Maddy Nye
Artist | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Maddy Nye is the coolest Minneapolis-based designer and drinking buddy. She designs insanely cute stationery and is responsible for some of our current favorite pieces of typography. Hey Maddy, next time you’re in LA, drinks are on us!
profile picture of Alice Oehr
Alice Oehr
Artist | Australia
Alice Oehr is interested in design that walks the line of good taste. And we’re interested in everything Alice designs. With a distinct style that incorporates her love of food, pattern, collage, and drawing, her work can be found on textiles, magazines, books, and now—our planners! And did we mention she really likes drawing food? Yes? Okay, good.
profile picture of Natalia Oskiera
Natalia Oskiera
Artist | Warsaw, Poland
Natalia Oskiera is an illustrator living and working in Warsaw, Poland. Drawing animals and flowers is her greatest pleasure. Her illustrations are full of color and a bit of humor.
profile picture of Brianna Ostrowski
Brianna Ostrowski
Artist | Atlanta, Georgia
Brianna is a creative who is very interesting. She is normal and has extremely regular hobbies. In her free time, she enjoys her free time. Her current whereabouts are unknown - If interested in contacting her, try checking the local McDonalds drive thru.
profile picture of Shivani Parasnis
Shivani Parasnis
Graphic Designer | Baltimore, Maryland
Shivani Parasnis is a typographer / graphic designer from Mumbai, India, and a recent MFA Graphic Design graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore. Her work is heavily influenced by her physical and emotional environments, and she enjoys melding influences of the east and west in her practice. Her design thinking is grounded in type design, print, vibrancy and culture.
profile picture of Ngaio Parr
Ngaio Parr
Artist | Australia
Ngaio Parr is a designer, author, artist, and curator. Her eponymous studio, founded in 2014, collaborates with clients to create exceptional books and publications, branding and identity, museum and gallery projects, and spaces. Ngaio enjoys taking on a wide range of creative projects, with a preference for those that are good for the planet, for good people, or a good time. She synthesizes and simplifies her obsessive research to create work that is eclectic and refined at the same time—usually with a pop of colour.
profile picture of Kristen Peers
Kristen Peers
Artist | Texas
Kristen is an illustrator/graphic designer/art director/small business owner/cat lover based in Texas. She draws people, places, and things, and sprinkles jokes in there as a healthy coping mechanism. She thinks she's really clever!
profile picture of Beth Penn
Beth Penn
Editorial | Los Angeles, California
Beth knows so much about organizing, she could write a book about it. Oh, wait—she did! As a professional organizer and founder of Bneato Bar, she’s got tons of knowledge on how to live a simple life.
profile picture of Silvana Perdomo
Silvana Perdomo
Artist | Bogotá, Colombia
Silvana Perdomo is an illustrator and graphic designer from Bogotá, Colombia. She uses her drawings as a platform to engage with the topics she cares the most about, always with a bit of wit and humor. Her illustrations explore analog, digital and frame-by-frame animation techniques.
profile picture of Florencia Pereira Da Luz
Florencia Pereira Da Luz
Artist | Argentina
Florencia Pereira Da Luz is our kind of girl. She really likes cats, botany, television, and pastels. same, florencia! But what she loves most is designing and experimenting with different marbling techniques. And just between us, she’s really good at it.
profile picture of Georgia Perry
Georgia Perry
Artist | Australia
We've got Georgia on our mind—Georgia Perry, that is! Georgia's designs are born out of her boundless imagination as well as her love of pop culture and collecting souvenirs. Watch as she brings art and irreverence into everyday moments and soon, you’ll have Georgia on your mind, too!
profile picture of Lucia Pham
Lucia Pham
Artist | Hanoi, Vietnam
Lucia is an independent illustrator from Vietnam. She sees each of her illustrations “as their own little chaotic and alien worlds.” We wish that we could step right into the gorgeous and colorful worlds that she creates!
profile picture of Ta’lor Pinkston
Ta’lor Pinkston
Editorial | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ta’lor is all about helping women know their worth. She founded Ladyhood Journey to be a safe space for every woman to explore their truth, share their story, and work on their journey to self-love and acceptance.
profile picture of Alisha Ramos
Alisha Ramos
Editorial | Washington, D.C.
Alisha is the founder and CEO of Girls’ Night In, a brand and community she built to encourage taking a break and cultivating strong friendships. If you wanna take some time for yourself and your friends, Alisha’s here to help.
profile picture of Louise Reimer
Louise Reimer
Artist | Vancouver, Canada
Like the women she draws, Louise Reimer is very busy. In addition to illustration, she paints, collages, makes zines, and screen prints her designs on t-shirts and tote bags. With a love of pastels, white spaces, and feminist icons of the '70s, Louise’s style is familiar in its intimacy, yet entirely distinct. Oh, and she also has a very cute assistant/cat named Minky.
profile picture of Danielle Rhoda
Danielle Rhoda
Artist | Barcelona, Spain
Danielle is an illustrator, animator, and maker originally from Poland but currently based across in Barcelona. In her work she captures people and spaces with a focus on portraying transient moments in a sensitive but tactile way. She likes to get playful with different media, from drawing and painting to ceramics and woodwork.
profile picture of Jackie Rivera
Jackie Rivera
Artist | Seattle, WA
Jackie is an illustrator, letterer, and animator based in Seattle, WA. Her work is groovy, bold and positive with an existential twist. She uses her work as a tool to talk about things that are important to her, such as her Mexican heritage. When she’s not making art, you can find her eating her way through Seattle, tending to her growing plant collection, and practicing her bass!
profile picture of Erica Robinson
Erica Robinson
Editorial | Chicago, Illinois
A native of Chicago’s South Side, Erica is a nutritionist and personal trainer that helps people not only meet, but exceed their personal wellness and performance goals.
profile picture of Lori Saint Rome
Lori Saint Rome
Artist | Florida
Lori is an illustrator and engineer based in Florida. She creates illustrations inspired by nature, fashion, love, colors, and patterns. She credits her love of colors and nature to her Haitian roots. In her free time, you can find her dancing, enjoying nature, traveling or directing photoshoots. Lori aspires to bring more representation in the art community and to celebrate women through her art. She hopes her art inspires, brings beauty and peace to others.
profile picture of Ainsley Romero
Ainsley Romero
Artist | Utah
Ainsley Romero is a multidisciplinary designer and artist creating objects, images, and brand experiences focused on community, and the magic of everyday life.
profile picture of Vivian Rosas
Vivian Rosas
Illustrator/Movement facilitator | Toronto, Canada
Vivian Rosas is a queer Mestizx/Latinx movement facilitator and illustrator offering classes online via zoom and in Toronto, Canada. She believes in creating judgment-free dance spaces where folx can feel free to follow along or move how they want. There’s no right or wrong way to move, just have fun with it! As an artist, she seeks to explore themes of feminism, empowerment, and diversity within her work. Her goal is to create imagery that expresses a sense of inclusiveness for underrepresented communities.
profile picture of Vivian Lopez Rowe
Vivian Lopez Rowe
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Vivian is an illustrator, designer and color enthusiast whose work celebrates the everyday bravery of facing the world. She likes taking care of her plants, hiking, listening to audiobooks and hugging her cats. Empathy and encouraging others matter a lot to her.
profile picture of Camilla Sacre-Dallerup
Camilla Sacre-Dallerup
Editorial | Los Angeles, California
Camilla can do it all. She’s an author, hypnotherapist, and meditation and life coach who also won the UK version of Dancing with the Stars in 2008. She leads our office in meditation sometimes and we can confirm she’s the real deal.
profile picture of Raizel Salazar
Raizel Salazar
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Raizel is an illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles whose work embraces bright colors, fun shapes, and funky typography. She especially enjoys taking care of her plants, going to thrift stores and flea markets, and spending time reconnecting with nature.
profile picture of Sandrine Anne Sautejeau
Sandrine Anne Sautejeau
Artist | Chile
Don't tell Sandrine Anne Sautejeau, but she might be too cool for us. She's a French-Chilean graphic designer who does a ton of work in the music industry and likes to mix everyday objects with bright colors, cool textures, and bold symbols. Yup, she’s definitely too cool for us.
profile picture of Leah Schmidt
Leah Schmidt
Artist | Richmond, Virginia
Inspired by nostalgia, the 90s, and illustrations from German children’s books, Leah uses her illustrations to add joy to the mundane and spread happiness.
profile picture of Lauren Semmer
Lauren Semmer
Artist | New York, New York
Lauren Semmer is an artist, children’s book illustrator, and designer. Lauren’s bright and charming work is featured on everything from kid’s wall art to in magazines. She currently resides in Manhattan with her family.
profile picture of Lucy Sherston
Lucy Sherston
Artist | United Kingdom
We love Lucy Sherston. We love her playful compositions, we love her abstract vision, and we love her fun mix of colors and textures. But mostly, we love that no one else is doing what she's doing. Keep doing your thang, Lucy!
profile picture of Anastacia Sholik
Anastacia Sholik
Artist | Kiev, Ukraine
Anastacia Sholik is an illustrator based in Kyiv, Ukraine, who creates happy and colourful characters and universes. Her contemporary and sophisticated style is rich in texture and gives her work a warm and elegant side.
profile picture of Alli Simon
Alli Simon
Editorial | Los Angeles, California
With over 15 years of experience, Alli is on a mission to use yoga and meditation as tools to build and foster community. A positive affirmation she repeats is, “I am enough, I do enough, I show up enough."
profile picture of Shannon Sims
Shannon Sims
Editorial | Portland, Oregon
With a background in food art and holistic health, Shannon’s work lives at the intersection of food, wellness, and creativity. Three things that make her happy are plants, waterfalls, and (of course) beautiful, delicious food.
profile picture of Tina Smith
Tina Smith
Artist | Brooklyn, New York
You may not know it yet, but you already love Tina Smith. Specializing in elegant lettering and fun typography, you've seen her designs at places like Warby Parker and Target. And if that's not impressive enough, she also moved to New York from rural Montana on her own and she can poach a mean egg. Yeah, we wanna be Tina when we grow up.
profile picture of Maggie Stephenson
Maggie Stephenson
Artist | Jacksonville, Florida
Maggie Stephenson is a self taught Polish/German illustrator who, through her art, hopes to bring positivity and the joy of being in the moment to focus.
profile picture of Ellie Suh
Ellie Suh
Artist | Hong Kong
Ellie is an illustrator that depicts everyday objects and individuals with bold tints and flat geometric shapes. What inspires her? That’s easy: strong women, the beach, a nice brunch, and some good sunshine.
profile picture of Bailey Sullivan
Bailey Sullivan
Artist | Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
Bailey is a Texas-raised illustrator based in Pennsylvania. Her work aims to re-interpret the ordinary through bright colors, symmetry and geometry. Bailey’s work is inspired by European folk art and typically features florals and other elements of nature. Although she is primarily focused on digital illustration, she also expresses her work through murals and textiles.
profile picture of Dog Knit Sweater
Dog Knit Sweater
Artist | Los Angeles, California
Dog Knit Sweater is a collaboration between Danny Miller and Daisy Rosas. They are artists and lovers from Los Angels, CA. When they are not in the studio you can find them with their dog, Junebug, eating sandwiches on the beach.
profile picture of Lisa Taniguchi
Lisa Taniguchis
Artist | Vancouver, Canada
Lisa is a Japanese-Canadian lettering artist that creates bold, vibrant, and hopeful art for brands, publications, and public art. Her love of letters lives across mediums, from paper to canvas to ceramics to 1000 square feet walls.
profile picture of Montse Tanús
Montse Tanús
Artist | London, United Kingdom
Montse Tanús can do everything from graphic design to collage to illustration to photography to editorial design and probably a dozen more things she hasn’t told us yet.
profile picture of Francine Thompson
Francine Thompson
Artist | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Francine is a maker and a wonderer at heart. She loves anything that gets her off of her computer — namely baking, sewing, and crafting. Francine is a Californian by birth but a Minnesotan by choice.
profile picture of Hui Tong
Hui Tong
Artist | Johor, Malaysia
Hui Tong is a graphic designer and illustrator who currently lives in Johor, Malaysia. She founded her design studio — MAKE MAMA PROUD, to create human-centric work that makes people smile, think, and remember.
profile picture of Anh Tran
Anh Tran
Artist | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anh Tran is an illustrator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She uses vibrant colors, patterns, and simple shapes to capture the simple joy of life in illustrations often depicting food, how it's made, how it beautifully exists in the world, and how it brings people together. When she's not obsessing over food, she is admiring her many plants or reminiscing about being in IKEA.
profile picture of Liz Tran
Liz Tran
Founder | New York, New York
Liz is the founder of Reset and loves helping other people find their "Zones of Genius" through her work as an executive coach and writer. She starts every morning with journaling and ends every workday with a salt bath.
profile picture of Tropico Photo - Michelle Norris and Forrest Aguar
Tropico Photo - Michelle and Forrest
Photographers and Art Directors | Atlanta, Georgia
Tropico Photo is the collaborative work of Forrest Aguar and Michelle Norris. The duo met while studying photography at the University of Georgia and have since transplanted to Atlanta, where they live with their dog Taco. Together, they make work that draws on the feeling of an ambiguous time and place.
profile picture of Lan Truong
Lan Truong
Artist | Portland, Oregon
Colorful, carefree, and bright—these are but a few adjectives we’d use to describe Lan Truong’s style. Some more are charismatic, dynamic, and just straight up cool. Lan is a freelance illustrator, and loves being her own boss. We think we speak for everyone when we say great choice, Lan.
profile picture of Shyanne Trutwein
Shyanne Trutwein
Artist | Brisbane, Australia
The next time we’re in Australia, you can bet we’ll be paying Shyanne Trutwein a visit. She’s an illustrator and graphic designer who loves to explore the intersection of art and music, taking particular inspiration from vintage record covers, music posters, and merchandise.
profile picture of Steffi Lynn Tsai
Steffi Lynn Tsai
Artist | Brooklyn, New York
Steffi Lynn Tsai is an expert in taking normal, everyday moments and making them enticing and exciting. An illustrator and muralist with a specialty in hand-lettering, Steffi is all about playfulness and positivity. She even opened her own interactive Instagram museum called the Museum of Memories! We’ll take all the tickets you have, please.
profile picture of Jocelyn Tsaih
Jocelyn Tsaih
Artist | Oakland, California
Jocelyn Tsaih is a Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised illustrator currently based in California. The focal aspect of her work is an amorphous figure originally created to represent her own soul, which has now evolved into an entity that she hopes everyone else can feel like they are part of. She makes paintings, murals, illustrations, ceramics, and she hopes to continuously explore new mediums.
profile picture of Shanna Tyler
Shanna Tyler
Editorial | New York City, New York
Shanna is a life coach, yoga teacher, blogger, podcaster, and just all-around super cool person. Some of her top interests include being a good sport, getting stuff done, and trying new things.
profile picture of Kissi Ussuki
Kissi Ussuki
Artist | Vilnius, Lithuania
Kissi Ussuki is an illustrator and artist based in Lithuania. Using acrylic paint and paper as her main tools of trade, she loves drawing faces, hands and other body parts, and putting them into surreal and absurd compositions. Kissi’s visual eye candies usually explore the spectrum of human emotions, and the beauty of female shapes and her fun and quirky style has attracted such clients as The New York Times, Snapchat, Tinder and WeTransfer.
profile picture of Yulia Van Doren
Yulia Van Doren
Editorial | Northern California
Aside from being an authority on crystals, Yulia is an opera singer, sound healer, and the oldest of eight siblings. Her greatest accomplishment is staying true to herself even during the tough times.
profile picture of Sandy Van Helden
Sandy Van Helden
Artist | The Netherlands
Sandy Van Helden tries to delight and empower with her designs. Mission accomplished, Sandy! With a focus on celebrating authenticity and body positivity, her work is all about confident characters, bright color palettes, and fun patterns. Consider us super delighted and really empowered.
profile picture of Eija Vehviläinen
Eija Vehviläinen
Artist | Helsinki, Finland
Eija is an illustrator and visual designer. Her work focuses on interesting shapes, bold and quirky colour combinations, and playful compositions – usually flavoured with some distorted proportions. As a designer, she’s inspired and driven by sustainable thinking and conscious living.
profile picture of Kim Vu
Kim Vu
Artist | San Francisco, California
Kim Vu is many things—plant lady, pug lover, letter nerd, and tiny explorer, to name a few. But she’s also a really gifted graphic designer and lettering artist! Her approach to typography is all about playfulness, minimalism, and good vibes. Something tells us we're a pretty good match.
profile picture of Diana Wah-Lung
Diana Wah-Lung
Artist | Miami, Florida
Diana Wah-Lung is a latinx artist living, surviving, and slightly thriving in Miami, Fl. She loves to be an iPad kid and sometimes paints things on paper. She's a proud cat parent of 2 who grew a big passion for graphic and product design and went with it, baby!
profile picture of Anna Wassmer
Anna Wassmer
Artist | Berlin, Germany
Anna is a fashion designer-turned-graphic designer and illustrator. She loves colors, textures, and minimalistic shapes, and currently lives in her favorite city that is Berlin.
profile picture of Eliza Weber
Eliza Weber
Artist | Chicago, Illinois
Eliza is a graphic designer and musician living in Chicago. Her art is inspired by her love of music, and her favorite projects to work on are merch designs for bands.
profile picture of Lauren West
Lauren West
Artist | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Things that make Lauren West happy include bike rides, cooking with friends, and when it looks like a dog in a parked car is driving. And things that make us happy include Lauren’s designs. From illustrations to murals to set design to graphic design, her work is infused with so much personality, humor, and style that it can be identified from miles away.
profile picture of Alisha Wilkerson
Alisha Wilkerson
Artist | Durham, North Carolina
Alisha enjoys long walks and fall breezes. She spent the last 5 years living in Brooklyn, NY but has now started a new adventure in Durham, NC! Her favorite things are drawing, crafting, and snuggling up with her cat Milo and puppy Rue.
profile picture of Kendall Williams
Kendall Williams
Content Creator | Oklahoma
Kendall Williams is a freelance stylist, writer, and content creator who focuses on plus size fashion, sustainability, and body positivity. She loves old Hollywood movies, a good plate of pasta, and watching funny TikTok videos for hours on end. Follow her to learn about the power of wearing color!
profile picture of Dustin Williams
Dustin Williams
Artist | Kansas City, Missouri
For avid tourists like us, Dustin Williams is almost too good to be true. With a specialty in vintage typography, souvenirs, and novelties of all kinds, his work looks like it’s straight out of a retro theme park/our dreams. He even opened his own roadside attraction, Wonder Fair’s “Famous” Haunted Bathroom in Lawrence, Kansas and we’re planning a trip ASAP.
profile picture of Rose Wong
Rose Wong
Artist | Brooklyn, New York
By day, Rose is a freelance illustrator working for various publications. By night (and weekends!), she makes ceramics, zines, sketchbook drawings and loves to water her plants. As fellow plant lovers, we applaud her!
profile picture of Gaea Woods
Gaea Woods
Editorial | Los Angeles, California
Gaea’s therapy style is loving, non-judgmental, and creative. Back in the day, her power color was black (and some days it still is). But as she’s felt more free to express herself, she’s explored bold, bright colors. Now, some days her power color is red, pink, or even yellow.
profile picture of Kate Worum
Kate Worum
Artist | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kate Worum is a Minneapolis based illustrator and designer that has a passion for print and pattern surface design and portraiture. Kate finds most of her inspirations by escaping Minnesota’s cold winters and checking out sunnier cities.
profile picture of Karin Yamauchi
Karin Yamauchi
Graphic Designer + Cofounder | Tokyo, Japan
Karin Yamauchi is a freelance graphic designer and small business owner. Karin loves her plant babies and is always trying to make things happen!!
profile picture of Lisa Yang
Lisa Yang
Art Director and Prop Stylist | Montreal, Canada
Lisa Yang is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is guided by intuition, colour, textures, playfulness and always with a hint of surrealism.
profile picture of Subin Yang
Subin Yang
Artist | South Korea
Subin is from South Korea, and is based in Seoul and New York. Inspired by the mundane joys of daily life and good food, Subin makes illustrations filled with bright and saturated colors and bulky shapes. When not drawing, she's probably eating some tuna kimbap or butter chicken.
profile picture of Jacquelyn Zoeller
Jacquelyn Zoeller
Artist | Chicago, Illinois
Jacquelyn is a self-taught graphic designer living in Chicago, IL. She loves using lots of color in her designs, and draws inspiration from vintage graphics and the natural beauty of nature. When she isn't designing, you can find her traveling and searching for the best cup of coffee she can find.
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