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the getaway bundle - lady of leisure


on-the-go ladies of leisure, this one is for you. there's no better way to travel in style than with floral and metallic green foil. trust us—you'll never have to worry about mixed up luggage or a misplaced passport with these cuties.

  • the getaway passport holder - lady of leisure

    a member of the #bandogirlgang pockets her passport 24/7, because paris is, in fact, always a good idea. (as are tokyo, berlin, tel aviv...) you'll look so fly when you fly with our honey of a passport holder that the customs officials won't even notice your smuggled macarons. next stop: the moon!

    • 4 in. x 5.625 in.
    • leatherette with metallic green foil
    • printed leatherette interior
    • metallic gold lining
    • 3 card slots
    • fun insert inside
  • the getaway luggage tag - lady of leisure

    if you like it, then you shoulda slapped a tag on it! with these stunning eye-poppers affixed to your goods, you'll breeze through the baggage claim and be on your way to new adventures (like, say, learning the local dance moves) in no time flat. blaze those trails, girl!

    • 3 in. x 4.5 in.
    • leatherette with metallic green foil
    • metallic gold interior
    • metallic gold hardware
    • insert with neon pink printing
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