Gifts for The Maximalist

The more the merrier when it comes to this person’s style. Clashing prints? Yes. Tons of colors? Of course. Trinkets and knick knacks and oddities? They’ll take it all (and make it look really cool).

Gifts for The Comfort Seeker

If this person could wrap themselves in a giant cloud of non-sticky cotton candy, they probably would. Until then, they’ll have to settle for cozy clothes, cozy slippers, and cozy blankets. Oh, and they’ll need some cozy-time activities too. 

Gifts for The Host with the Most

Welcoming. Charming. Stylish. This person knows how to show everyone a good time without (seemingly) breaking a sweat. From the table settings to the perfect playlist, their party skills are truly enviable.

Gifts for The Nostalgia Lover

This person is all about the good ol’ days. Childhood memories. The perfect vintage finds. They find comfort and creativity in things from the past and somehow always work them into everyday life.

Gifts for The Self-Care Enthusiast

They never miss a daily journal session. They get (at least) eight hours of sleep. And they’ll always convince you to treat yourself to that spa day. This person knows self-care like the back of their hand and it’s truly enviable. 

Gifts We Covet

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